The iconic star, Kareena Kapoor, with her evergreen roles like ‘Geet from Jab We Met’ and ‘Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ and an amazing off-screen personality has bewitched our hearts ever since she entered cinema. So, it was shocking to see her get dragged on the internet this viciously.


Our quirky and chilled Bebo recieved the backlash of people for taking up the role of Sita in Alaukik Desai’s Sita: The Incarnation, penned by Bahubali franchise writer K Vijayendra Prasad.  She asked for Rs 12 crore for the role. People took to twitter to share their opinion how she shouldn’t be asking for this lump sum of money for playing the role of Sita and how it hurts their religious sentiments as she doesn’t follow Hinduism and hence the #BoycottKareenaKhan was trending on twitter and elsewhere.



While some stood by her side as they saw how ridiculous this seemed, others however, could not see beyond the realms of religion. They believe a person who hasn’t read Ramayan, doesn’t believe in their faith or doesn’t understand their culture should not be given such role.

She was trolled incessantly and photoshopped to ‘Suparnakha’, Ravan’s sister and a demon and some users went as far as to abuse her. Saif Ali Khan, her husband was also dragged into this because he starred in ‘Tandav’. While others commented that mother of Taimur cannot be given the role of Sita Mata.



Her previous interviews emerged and were criticised where she says “It’s you idiots who make us star, Don’t watch my flims” and how when asked to give her step-daughter dating tips she said “Do not date your first movie hero”, Sushant Singh Rajput.

A twitterati brought out an excellent irony when they tweeted BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharata’ was written by Rahi Masoom Raza.



Netizens want either Kangana Ranaut or Yami Gautam to play the role as they fit in ‘their religious beliefs’. Kangana who also spoke against Rihanna when she wore the Ganesh locket and is very politically active on social media is who they believe is fit for the role. Yami Gautam who recently got married is also the choice of the Netizens.





This response from the people is an indication how one’s religion plays a key role even in today’s society. Kangana and Yami both are actresses and have done work similar to Kareena’s but what separates them is the religion they follow.

Inter mixing of people from different religions, areas and communities is very important so as not to create boundaries within people which can lead to clashes and serious tensions among them in the future.




Another standpoint in this issue is also of how male actors like Salman Khan’s movie title Radhe get away but women are degraded for the same. They are trolled, their morals and values are questioned and their pictures surface. But as soon as one points finger to Salman Khan suddenly it is ‘Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai’. Where an actor gets away for killing people on the sidewalk, shoot animals just for the heck of it and gets away from the Judiciary, a woman who asked for a price for doing her job is scrutinized.


Another reason the Netizens gave for boycotting Kareena was that she cannot play the role of our ‘pure’ Sita. Society places huge burden on women to be ‘pure’ and Kareena doesn’t fit in there because she wears what is considered revealing clothes, a lifestyle and isn’t what an ‘ideal Indian woman’ should be like.

Times like these really makes one wonder if society will ever see women as anything more than  various absurd concepts like ‘purity’, ‘ideal woman’ and see people without any religious or gender bias.


Kareena, 40, now a mother of 2, has been in the film industry for 21 years now with over 72 movies under her name. She handles trolls with sass and humor and emerges better than ever. She hasn’t addressed this issue as of now and neither spoken about it. We have no doubt that she will be able to come out of this as gracefully and effortlessly as we have always seen her do all these years.