Police Complaint filed and Karan Arrested

On the night of May 31st, TV actress Nisha Rawal reported it to the police that her husband Karan Mehra , who is also a renowned TV face ,was allegedly beating her, accusing him of assault. An FIR was registered under section 336 and 337 of IPC and after being detained for questioning, Karan was arrested by Goregaon police after the complaint was filed. Karan said that his wife smashed her head against the wall to frame him. He appeared before a magistrate court in Borivali (west) the next morning, and was granted bail by the court. Nisha has now spoken out about her side of the tale, accusing Karan of beating her many times over the course of their 14-year relationship. She also claimed that the actor from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai was having an affair, leading to their divorce.



What did Nisha have to say about this?

Nisha spoke to the media about what transpired the night before at their home in Mumbai. Karan had been putting off a conversation for a long time, she claimed. Her brother Ritesh had come to their place and the two wanted Karan to settle on an alimony sum. During the conversation, Karan and Nisha got into a big fight, with the latter using some foul language. She told Karan had just stepped out of the room, and as he was getting ready to leave, he grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the wall. He pressed her against the wall and grabbed her neck before she even realized that she was bleeding. Nisha revealed, she wept out to him, asking why he hated her so badly.


Nisha Rawal also revealed that she recently discovered that her spouse was having an affair.

While she thought it was just a fling at first, when she confronted him, he admitted that he was in love with someone else. She said she tried to work things out though she was broken by this news, but he was uninterested. He didn’t exhibit any remorse or regret. That’s when she decided it was best to split up. She even told Karan’s parents about his affair but did not get the required emotional support from them.
Nisha went on to say that she still loves Karan and that all she wanted to do was save their marriage. She admitted that he had hit her several times in the past, but she had never complained. She was in love with him too much and he had a good image like his character “Naitik” from his show in the past and she supported that image because she believed that it would have an impact on work. She said she had no reason to explain why she didn’t speak up sooner about these incidents. However, she said that she realized the night before that she needed to take a stand for herself if she didn’t want their son to think his mother was weak. “No one can physically and mentally abuse someone so much,” she stated.

Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra have a four-year-old boy named Kavish, and she expressed anxiety for his future and higher schooling. She further said that Karan appeared unconcerned about his son’s custody and even hinted that he would let Kavish grow up with his grandparents because he would be too preoccupied with work.

Nisha responded to Karan’s claims that she injured herself in order to implicate him by saying that she is an actress and would never do anything to harm herself physically. “This is my bread and butter,” she said. “Why would I do it?” she said, and broke down again. In response to Karan’s claim that she requested a large alimony payment, his wife disclosed that she has always supported him financially and is self-sufficient. She said that last year there was no job and she gave him his jewelry to sell so that he could pay off the EMIs. She said she even advised him to relocate to a smaller location. She has always been a helpful spouse, she said. She claimed that the money she requested was solely for her son, and she even assured Karan that if he couldn’t pay, she wouldn’t hold it against him.



What did Karan say in response to the charges against him?
Now let’s talk about what Karan had to say about all this.
Karan Mehra has denied his wife’s charges, claiming that his marriage with Nisha had been troubled for a few years and that they were trying to fix things between them. He said that they had been in a tense relationship for a few years and realized there was no purpose in continuing together, so they decided to split up. Because they have a son, he wanted to divorce amicably so that they could provide a decent future for him. He said he returned from Chandigarh to discuss matters and became afflicted with Covid-19. He invited her rakhi brother Ritesh Sethia home after recovery so he could help us come to a common decision, Karan told.

However, the star said that her brother requested a large alimony payment that he could not afford. According to him, Nisha also offered him a long list of things he needed. When they couldn’t come to an agreement, Karan said he told them to talk about it later or they will leave it to the court to decide.
Karan revealed that Nisha walked right into the room and began harassing him and his family as he was talking to his mother. He said Nisha spat at him twice and she said she was going to play dirty now. Karan stated that he told her to leave the room, and she smashed her head against the wall as he was washing my hands, accusing him of doing it. He said the brother and sister also began filming him on the phone in order to frame him. He said that Nisha’s brother assaulted him and threatened to kill him and his family. He said he was still quite weak from Covid-19 diagnosis so he could not fight back because he didn’t have enough strength.



A little background of Karan and Nisha’s Relationship
Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra met on the set of her film Hastey Hastey, where he was working as a stylist, in 2008. The two became excellent friends as the shoot went, and they started loving each other shortly after. In November 2012, the pair married in a very huge Indian ceremony. They also took part in Nach Baliye 5 as a couple. 2 years later, Karan and Nisha welcomed their first child, Kavish Mehra.


The couple’s previous response to marital problems
Last month, reports of difficulties in their relationship appeared. Nisha was spending more time with their child while Karan was spending more time in Punjab filming for his projects. While he remained silent on the subject, Nisha denied the news and claimed that the information was false.


More about the controversy
In the midst of the continuous feud, the estranged couple discussed the cameras installed in their home and why they were turned off during the argument. Karan accused Nisha of turning off all the cameras beforehand.
Nisha, on the other hand, acknowledged turning off the cameras and claimed that if the cameras were on, Karan would be on his best behavior. She added that the cameras were turned off by her some time ago. She said wherever there were cameras, Karan would be on his best behavior, be polite to her, and play with their kid Kavish, whereas in the bedroom, where there were no cameras, he would abuse and hit her. So, she had turned off the cameras a long time ago. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which would capture everything, was confiscated by the police.



What’s the latest on the controversy?
An old video from April has recently emerged. Nisha Rawal is seen in the video requesting Karan Mehra to prepare a video for couples. While it appears to be a good time, there are signs that something isn’t quite right.

Nisha Rawal claims that this man beats her up on a daily basis, while he claims that she is his biggest burden. Karan Mehra seemed to be entirely uninterested in the video. She seemed to have taken the initiative to make it.


The Bottom Line
Ever since Nisha filed the complaint, the two have always been in the news and there is a lot of controversy going around. Both are speaking in their own defense and blaming things on one other. Other stars are also speaking up about domestic violence and physical abuse and many are coming out in support of Karan and Nisha. But well what’s actually true will come out in front of everyone in sometime we believe. Till then let’s not jump to conclusions and let’s hope for the best for both of them!