The covid-19 pandemic took a toll on humankind. Lockdowns were imposed all over the world and people were confined to their homes. People were only allowed to go out to buy necessary items. Although people were asked to remain in the house, groceries and other daily essentials were brought inside which people scared to be a source of transmission of virus.

At the beginning of the outbreak, experts studied the virus. But as different kinds of variants emerged the transmittance of the virus became unclear. So, people started to be extra careful about the groceries, food, and other items which they were brought inside the home. Direct transmission from person to person can be avoided by social distancing and masks but transmittance through other vectors was inevitable if not taken precautions.

Let’s see some of the ways to clean your groceries before usage.

  1. How to clean your grocery bags?

Studies say that the coronavirus can thrive on plastic and steel for 72 hours and cardboard for 24 hours. So, the grocery bags we use can become a vector of transmission.

Make sure to disinfectant the plastic bags and cloth bags you use for grocery shopping. When you return from the shop, first make sure that your use sanitizer to disinfect your grocery bags before you enter your house.

  • If the bags are made of plastics, make sure you dispose of them immediately after you unpack the grocery.
  • If the bags are made of clothes or other reusable materials, once you reach home wash the bags immediately with Dettol and dry them to reuse.
  1. How to be safe during grocery shopping?

People were only allowed to leave their houses to buy essential items. Groceries are the basic needs for a house and grocery shopping is a must at least once in two weeks. So, grocery shopping can also be a chance for the spreading of disease. This realization should come with extra care during shopping.

  • Make sure that only a single person from the house always does the grocery shopping.
  • One should wear masks and gloves before going out and entering the store.
  • Make sure you don’t touch and test every item you see.
  • When you are in the store do not touch your face or masks with your hands before sanitizing your hands.
  • Make sure that you keep enough distance from other customers.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask other customers or shopkeepers to step aside if you feel like they are in your way or near to you.
  • When you are billing the items make sure you don’t touch the counter.
  • After billing asks your shopkeeper to keep the items in your bucket.
  • Go cashless. To avoid touching, use your online payment methods or give the exact amount to avoid an exchange of money.
  • When you are leaving the store use your sanitizer to disinfect your hands.
  • Always bring an extra basket or cover, to keep your groceries in your vehicle.
  1. How to handle online ordered groceries?

Online shopping was a savior in this pandemic situation. People who were unable to go outside completely relied on online shopping. No contact delivery was one of the most helpful features of online delivery. 

  • When you order groceries online, keep a basket or some other cleaning station to place the parcel.

  • Make sure that you maintain enough distance between the delivery person.
  • Once you collect the parcel, first sanitize the parcel before touching it.
  • After sanitizing it dispose of the packaging immediately. 
  • Wash your hands and then take out the groceries.
  • Sanitize the non-edible items.
  1. How to clean your fruits and vegetables?

A common mistake that people did during this pandemic is washing fruits and vegetables with detergent. Washing vegetables and fruits in detergent is not at all safe and healthy. There are many other ways to sanitize fruits and vegetables.

  • Use warm water: First, use running water to wash your fruits and vegetables for 5 minutes. Take a large container and add warm water to it. The vegetables and fruits can be soaked in warm water for 10-15 minutes to disinfect them. After 10 minutes drain off the water and keep them closed for 5 minutes in a strainer.

Now store the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and use them according to the need.

  • Use salt and cold waterAs said earlier, use running water to wash the fruits and vegetables. Now take ice-cold water in a container and add salt to it. Now soak the fruits and vegetables in the salted cold water for 5 minutes. Afterward, take out them and store them in the refrigerator.
  • Use turmeric powderTurmeric powder is well known for its purifying quality. Due to this quality, turmeric powder can be also used to sanitize fruits and vegetables. Take a bowl of water and add some turmeric powder to it. Leave the fruits and vegetables in this water for 5-10 minutes. This will help to eliminate the germs on the fruits and vegetables. Afterward, take out them and wash them under running water. Now store it in the refrigerator.
  • Use salt, vinegar solution, and saltTake a bowl of hot water. Add equal amounts of turmeric, salt, and vinegar to it. If available add lemon to it. Now soak the fruits and vegetables in it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, take out the fruits and vegetables and wash them in running water. Now the fruits and vegetables are suitable for use.

  • Use baking powder and vinegar solution: To sanitize your fruits and vegetables, you can also use baking powder and vinegar solution. Take a bowl of hot water and add equal quantities of baking powder and vinegar to it. Stir the solution well and soak your fruits and vegetables in it for 20-25 minutes. Once done, wash them with running water and store them in the refrigerator after air-drying them.
  • Use scrubIf you don’t want to use any spice powders or other ingredients, you can always use a scrubber to clean your fruits and vegetables. After scrubbing, soak them in cold water for a few minutes and your fruits and vegetables are ready for use.

Apart from these ways, products to wash vegetables and fruits are now available in the market.

To clean or sanitize the groceries you buy for home is an important step to keep people around you safe. So, every time you go grocery shopping, make sure you sanitize yourselves and the groceries before use. In this pandemic, situation take extreme precautions to stay safe and stay healthy.