A new manicure always completes your look. With this pandemic in full effect, manicures are the easiest makeover one can get. Be it subtle, royal, sassy, bold, statement, or chic look, 2021 has it.

Now let’s take a look at the 20 most trending nail fashions of 2021.


  1. Nude and White Minimal Detail

Nude is the color of the season. Minimal splashes of white are added over the nude at the tips of the nail. Nude color gives the subtle look and bold look when paired with the white minimal detailing. This manicure is perfect for natural and well-kept nails. Nude and white minimal detail will help you to nail the office look.  



  1. Nude and Neon

Nude and neon is one of the best contrasting trends in 2021. This manicure surprises the subtle and classic look of nude manicure with an unexpected twist of chicness of neon. Neon colors are usually exotic and a breath taker. But if you want to keep it low-key then go for this blend of nude and neon.



  1. CD Nails

Do you remember the holographic CDs of the 90s? Well, they are back. The CD-inspired nails also conquered the minds of nail lovers this 2021. CD nails make a statement. The base could be bare or desired color with a pigment layer at the tips. To get the glazing and shiny look of the CD finish it with a sealer gel.



  1. Heavy Metal

Want to give a funky look to your nail this year? Heavy metal is the perfect manicure for the look. The heavy metal trend can pull off any polished colors. Heavy metal manicures are perfect pairs with large coffin nails. Metallic nails can complete the sassy look.



  1. Gingham Nails

Gingham prints were a hit this year in the fashion industry. Likewise, nail fashion also embraced the gingham look and now it is all over. You can mimic your gingham fabrics with this nail look and there is no doubt that you will nail the look. Gingham nails are perfect with short oval-shaped or well-kept nails.



  1. Graphic Detail

Now, bring out the artist in you for the graphic detail. Graphic detail gives the artist freedom because there are no mistakes in graphic detail. Every stroke on the nail is a new pattern or design. You can use similar shades of subtle colors or you can opt for the contrasting head-turning colors to mix. Get the graphic look and feel free to express yourselves through nails.



  1. Marble Nails

Do you remember the marble countertops of your kitchen? Well, let’s say it inspired nail artists this year. It is one of the easiest manicure makeovers to get at home. If you are not confident enough just go for the single nail feature. But if you want to nail the complete marble look, go for the entire set of nails.



  1. Double French Tip

Double French tip is the new and modern version of the evergreen French manicure. The double tips give an additional classy and spicy look to this manicure. This manicure goes perfectly with the well-kept short nails.



  1. Pastel Nails

Pastel is the one all-time-favorite nail trend. Pastel colors make the statement without announcing it. Pastel Rainbow and Gradient Pastel are the different types of pastel trends now ruling. Every pastel color has its unique subtleness. So why go for a single color when you can nail the rainbow with pastel?

When you want to go for your equally favorite two pastel shades, get a gradient pastel. Pastel makes gives your nail an effortless and non-care look and this look goes with every type of nail shape and sizes too.



  1. Jewel Nails

Looking for a manicure to give your nails a royal and a catchy look? Well, look no more. Jewel nail is the perfect manicure for you. 2021 jewel nail was inspired by Cardi B. Embellish your nails with shining crystals and jewels to turn heads in your direction.



  1. Pearl Nails

Pearl nails are for the people who want their nails elegant and glamorous. Pearl’s nails are versatile. If you want to be the eye-catcher, go for the physical pearls. You can start from the nail end with large pearls and gradually reduce the size of the pearl towards the nail tip. But if you want to go low-key, go for iridescent pearl nail polish as an alternative for physical pearls. Pearl nails will nail both traditional and classy chic look.



  1. Color Block French Manicure

Color block French manicure will help you to nail the color combination of your outfit. The nail tips can be painted in different colors according to your desire or to match your outfit. It is more like an adapted and chic version of a French manicure.



  1. Geometric Art

Are you more of a sharp and bold personality? Then the perfect manicure for you is geometric art. It is all about bold lines and shapes. Geometric art will give your nails a daring and striking look. Along with the boldness, you can also add some creativity to unique patterns on different nails.



  1. Smoky Swirls

Wanna nail the smoky and sassy look together? Go get smoky swirls. This abstract manicure will make your nails sexy. 



  1. Complementary 3D

Texture nail art has created a buzz in the industry before. But in 2021 complementary 3D is the new look of texture art through a minimalist perspective. To keep it subtle nudes and neutrals opt for a complementary 3D manicure.



  1. French Plus

Your favorite simple, elegant French manicure can now be a little too dramatic. Graphic designs can be now blended with the epic French manicure to give the risky look. French plus nails can also pull off the tattoo look with different patterns, shapes, and designs. 



  1. Cheeky Checkboard

Checkboard fashion conquered the fashion world. But in 2021 it also conquered the nail trends. When blended with floral, it can totally pull off the bad-girl look.



  1. Simple Pink

Simple Pink on coffin-shaped nails is the evergreen manicure every manicure lover dreams of. There is no sign of it stepping down in the nail trends. Simple pink or baby pink can pull off the chic look, the classy look, the sassy look, and the daring look all at the same time.



  1. Nostalgia Overload

Missing your childhood and want to get a little nostalgic with the nails. Get a nostalgia overload manicure. Cartoons and smiley faces can be painted to give the kiddish look to your nails.



  1. Artistic Tips

Do not want to overcrowd your nails but also want to make them artistic? Artistic tips are the perfect match for your idea. It will help you to isolate your nail tips and makes them catchy.




Now, what are you waiting for? Go get your 2021 nail makeover and nail your favorite looks.