Whether you are a working woman or a full-time home-maker, break is indeed needed for all. A vacation can help to get rid of your stress and boredom of every day’s life be it the serene waters of Maldives or the tranquil mountains in Manali or it could be a road trip or a simple nearby weekend getaway for that matter. It can be Business travel for working women as well.

Irrespective of the reason you are travelling or the number of days you are travelling for, we go through the panic before leaving for the airport, the rush, trying to squeeze all the stuff in a suitcase and again re-checking all the documents. Whether you are an over-packer or tend to procrastinate till the last minute to throw in stuff, Here are some essentials a Woman Traveler must have-


This is the most basic yet people tend to mess up here quite often. All the tickets, IDs, reservation confirmations should be kept very carefully and in a small handy wallet. If all your flight/ train tickets are on your phone make a separate folder for them so you don’t accidently delete it or search it for hours.




If you are travelling in any foreign country, it is very important to make sure you have money in
their currency. Many locals do not accept e-payment as a mode of exchange. So, it’s better to carry some
cash in their currency as well. Be very attentive while
dealing with finances in a foreign place.



Toiletries and Hygiene

Even though all hotels provide the basic toiletries it’s better to carry your own just to be on the safe side.
All toiletries must be kept in a small bag so you don’t have to search the entire luggage for small things.
Keep pads, tampons or menstrual cups even if periods are a month away. Hand sanitizer, surface sanitizing sprays and masks are essentials now.




This is perhaps the most important among these. Pack your regular medication and stack it up enough to last the entire trip. Add a few first aid kits, headache pills, nauseous ones as well. Apart from this, you can also carry the morning after pills. Travelling or not travelling ,health always comes first.



Power Bank

One could be in an exotic place looking our best and the phone battery dies. What a buzz kill indeed! Apart from taking pictures it does have all the contacts, tickets and reservations. Carry a power bank with you to avoid this inconvenience.



Proper Baggage

A landscape friendly bag is a must. One cannot use trolley while trekking or a heavy shoulder bag when trolley is more convenient. Use a type of bag which you can carry easily from place to place. Invest in a good bag as it is a one-time investment and lasts for a decade or so. Put some extra carry bags for putting all the stuff you buy in it. You can also put dirty clothes in it. A good handbag is a must for all ladies which can. Carry your wallet, phone, a pad for emergency, pair of
sunglasses, lipstick ,sanitizer etc.



Skincare and Beauty

Make sure to take care of your skin while travelling. There’s nothing like a perfect outfit, beautiful location and damp skin. We have all been there. Pack your facemasks, face wipes, sunscreen and the necessary make-up for a fresh and flawless skin. All the make-up products should go in a separate small bag.



Right kind of Clothing 

This is the stressful part while packing. Apart from your jaw-dropping outfits put in comfortable clothing as well. Do not over-pack. Add swimwear, winter clothes, or breezy ones according to the climate of the place. Delicates and towels should not be forgotten. Pack extra delicates as well. Also dressing up in clothes from their culture helps you mix up and understand them more. It also boosts their local economy and is a memorable experience for you.




Flex those six inches heels and stilettos while in meetings and parties and the comfortable flip flops
while rummaging through the streets and beaches or sneakers on the hills. Pack only the necessary footwear as they tend to be bulky and take up a lot of space. And yes don’t forget a pair of slippers no matter where you travel.



Make your trip smooth and extra comfortable by keeping one of these. While these may not be essentials they are very popular choices though-



A book to keep you entertained

If it’s a soul searching trip or a trip to get away from the tension back home, there is perhaps nothing better than a book to give you company. Not only will it keep you entertained it will also refuel your mind. You can also go for kindle if you are a book lover like me and can’t pick one book.




A planned day to day schedule is important to cover all the tourist places and ensuring you
cover all the places. It not only keeps you organized but also prevents from wasting of time searching through the places you wish to visit. It gives you a general idea as to how much time taking is a particular place and puts you on a schedule.



Travel Neck Pillow

Long hour flight and a road trip that seems to just go on and on can leave your neck in pain. And upon
arrival you are more tired than in the mood for the quest of new places. Exhaustion seeps through the body. A travel neck pillow provides support to your neck and makes it comfortable enough to catch a nap. When one is properly rested, they can do other stuff- be it work related or even vacation.




We have our devices for snaps but Polaroid is back in trend and we don’t want you to miss out. Decorating your entire side of room wall with Polaroid to making reels with Polaroid pictures you clicked, it is surely what you need.



Noise Cancelling Headphones

A crying baby in the flight or a really loud phone call can keep you up during your travel. Without proper rest you are sure to be cranky when you reach. Noise cancelling headphones ensure you are well rested and on your feet to explore as soon as you reach your destination.



A travel planning app

One can get the best deals here. It also keeps you in a budget so you don’t end up spending more than you intended. This could prove really useful to the shopaholics. Often times we don’t have the time to research all the places we want to visit. A travel planning app not only puts you in a schedule but also covers all the tourist places.

Well, we have listed here all the essentials a Woman would need during traveling. You can refer to it and finish your packing peacefully.
And now put all your worries aside and have a Safe Travel !!