This neon fashion trend is nothing new now; it has been going on since a while now. It is very famous amongst the teenagers these days. These vibrant colours have a very catch look and can mostly be paired with any and everything. The garishly brilliant tones only grew in popularity, with some of our most adamant all-black-wearing editors ultimately warming up to the highlighter hues.

When it comes to contentious trends, bright colours are generally at the top of the list. They’re too daring to wear every day, and they’re too brilliant to go undetected.

Celebs enjoying the neon trend.

Bright hues are making a comeback and are here to stay. With warmer weather on the way, it’s time to start planning the ideal neon ensemble, and trust us when we say the possibilities are endless. You can’t go wrong with a blast of brightness, no matter how you do it.

Not only is neon still fashionable, but celebs are cranking up the brightness all the way. Take a cue from Hailey Bieber and go for a striking neon bag or vest to match with some pared-down essentials, or if you’re feeling brave, go for a Billie Eilish-inspired glaring neon costume. Ashley Graham, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid have all stepped out in stunning neon-green ensembles, proving that this style is here to stay. They’re not even dipping their toes in the hue. Chanel Iman donned a neutral minidress with matching shoes, while Justin Bieber sported a neon-green tracksuit from head to toe.


Major designers are aware of it as well. On the runway, designers like as Valentino, Prada, and Versace have all introduced significant neon moments. Just look at Zendaya’s show-stopping Valentino Oscars performance. As soon as the gorgeous actress came onto the red carpet, the vivid yellow gown and matching face mask went viral. As we start to restock our closets for hot girl summer, here are a couple bright outfits that will undoubtedly inspire the ideal ensemble.

History of the Neon Fashion Trend

Neon fashion was fashionable in the late 1980s. The neon fashion fad came and went, but it left an indelible effect on the majority of people. People at the time adored neon colours; neon is a brilliant hue that is simple to see in direct light. It was also highly appealing to the majority of people. You may even discover neon leftovers in some retail clothes.

In the early 1990s, the neon fashion trend was back in popularity. With the premiere of Michael Jackson’s film Thriller, neon apparel styles became fashionable once more. People adored the outlandish styles that were popular at the time. Because of the popularity of the neon fashion trend, more individuals were able to acquire neon apparel.

Some of these antique clothing items may still be found in retail stores. They are also extremely precious.

The neon fashion trend lasted for a time before dying away. The neon look gradually faded into the background as fashion trends shifted. They did, however, survive and regain popularity. The nice thing about neon apparel is that it still has a lot of fans today.

If you haven’t noticed how quickly the neon trend is taking over the fashion and beauty events, you’ve been living under a digital rock. This vibrant, statement-making hue is pretty much the best thing on Instagram right now, from nails to boots, hemmed skirts, and more. While neutrals, darks, and pastels have dominated the fashion landscape in recent years, the unexpected resurgence of neon has drawn comparisons to the 1980s. Versace’s Ready-To-Wear collection showcased neon and more. Neon has been seen on the Versace Spring Ready-To-Wear catwalk since 1996. While more subdued hues were popular in the 1970s, ultra-bright colours were popular in the 1980s.

While more subdued hues were popular in the 1970s, the 1980s were defined by ultra-bright colours such as hot pink and electric purple, making it the decade of neon. Because of its enhanced visibility, neon has become a favourite with nightlife and festival goers.

How Should You Wear the Neon Trend?

When it comes to the trendiest trends, bright colours are generally at the top of the list. They’re too daring to wear every day and too brilliant to go unnoticed. In 2020, neon in all of its forms became a fashion trend once more. With the arrival of summer, neon is guaranteed to stay fashionable, because hot, sunny days and bright colours are made for each other. If you’re just starting out with these vibrant hues, start with one colour at a time, on one outfit, and let it stand out on its own. Make one piece, whether it’s a shirt, a jacket, or a pair of shoes, the focal point of your ensemble; match it with another outfit in neutral tones, such as white.

Neon is a daring fashion statement, especially when worn as an entire jumpsuit or gown. But that’s also what makes it so appealing: you can dress up in a hot pink suit and call it a day. Pair with sneakers and you’ve got a look.

Neon, this year’s fashion trend.

Neon attire may be found at festivals, campuses, and even marching through the Love Island villa.

But is it merely a passing fad… or something more?

Fluorescent clothing and accessories were popular on a number of designer catwalks this year, including Gucci, Versace, and Prada, and, unsurprisingly, it’s a trend that has made its way to the high street.

Everyone from Little Mix to Dua Lipa to the Queen has taken part.

While neutrals, darks, and pastels have dominated the fashion scene in recent years, the sudden influx of neon has prompted comparisons to the 1980s.

But this isn’t the first time fluoro has made a comeback.

Due to the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, there was a brief return to ultra-brights in the early 2000s.

Neon resurfaced in 2007 as a new rave indie-electronica music scene emerged. Currently, a search for “neon” on yields 1,343 results.

Melika Imoru, the company’s Head of Design for Womenswear, says their neon satin skirt and neon maxi dress are both sold out.