Taapsee is basking in the success of one after other hit movies and series. She further added one more petal of success to her bouquet by launching a production house.

She’ll be joining forces with Pranjal Khandhdiya who is a content creator and a producer for over a 20 years now. Pranjal has made many blockbuster movies like Super 30, 83, Soorma, Piku, Mubarakan and Azhar. Each one of these movies revolve around a key issue prevelant in the society and fixing the same.

Together, Taapsee and Pranjal embark on the launching of ‘Outsiders Films’. Taapsee talking about this recent news said, “I am thrilled to embark upon this new journey and diversify my love for cinema with my production house ‘Outsiders Films’. Having my business ventures, management comes naturally to me.  Hence, I always thought of setting my own production house. The audience and the industry have given me a lot of support and love over the 11 years of my career. With Outsiders Films, I aim to give back to the industry and empower talent who are looking for a breakthrough and come with no background like me. Pranjal and I together look forward to opening doors for new and fresh talents, both in front and behind the camera.”

Taapsee Pannu


Taapsee also owns a wedding planning company and a badminton team and we just know she is a marvelous businesswoman.

Talking about how the production house came to be named ‘Outsiders Films’, Taapsee said ,”Pranjal and I both come from humble backgrounds that’s when the name Outsiders Films clicked with us. We aim to produce meaningful, entertaining, and quality content.”

Pranjal Khandhdiya while talking about his partnership with Taapsee says, “Forging a solid partnership needs two people to have a lot of similarities and at the same time a different opinions. This is where our partnership becomes so interesting. Taapsee and I both have similar goals, but with varied opinions and approach. Outsiders Films gives us the opportunity to seek our creative goals while complimenting each other at work.”

While Taapsee remarked ,”I have been very sure that direction is not my cup of tea. Production was something I thought I could pull off. Being an actor, I love to act, I couldn’t divert my attention and focus to something else when I am on a set. So the day when I have a partner who could handle the ground work, while I concentrate on my acting job, is when I would partner with and then start a production. That’s when Pranjal came in,”

Looks like Pranjal and Taapsee are the partners made for each other and we are here for it.



Taapsee also took to Twitter to share her elation and share with her fans in a heartfelt message-


“Last year when it was almost a decade since I plunged into the dream this Film Industry is, I never knew I will not just float but also learn to swim my way through. For someone who has never dreamt to be a public figure I am forever grateful to everyone who has bestowed so much love and trust in me and my work. Time for some payback, because with great power comes greater responsibility. So wish me luck and I promise to try my best to bring out the best coz the view is the best from ‘outside’.

Here we are!

And it all started with this instinct and belief that this crazy combination is worth exploring a Production house. The man who runs the show for ‘Outsiders Films’ while I’m allowed to boss around. Pranjal and I will be treading this line between friendship and business together, having each other’s back, while we make sure every rupee on our project is worth it.


Outsiders Films Production first work will be with Taapsee in a Bollywood thriller called ‘Blurr’ and we just can’t wait to see the Haseen Dilrooba actress to ace the screen again.

With Bollywood losing its popularity over weak storylines and the rising competition with platforms like Netflix and Prime, it needs to up its game for people to step out and watch their content. Youtuber Tanmay Bhatt also remarked Bollywood needs a good writer in one of his videos. We hope Taapsee will be able to bridge the gap between what the viewers want to see and what they are shown.

On the other hand, The Raunat Sisters like everytime again attempted to take a dig at Pannu but she like every other time nailed the response while also not specifically aiming for them.



We just love her spirit and snarky comments. That’s what makes Pannu different from other actresses. She is relatable, hard working and has a charming personality.

And with that note, I would like to end by saying, this is an amazing initiative by Pannu and Pranjal and we can’t wait to see budding artists on the screen and appreciate them for their talent and not ‘who their parents are’.