Like all other celebrities, Bengal’s own ‘Tolly Para’ is worrying about the Taliban rule in the Afghanistan crisis. Actress Sreelekha Mitra has shown her worry and concern about the horrific condition of Afghanistan now. Shreelekha has shown her concern through her post on social media. She shared, “It’s not a Netflix series to binge on, this is the present scenario from Taliban-infested Afghanistan, A land of Thousand Splendid Suns. Religion being the most severe of all drugs turns humans into fanatics and demons which we Indians are so so weary of. The concoction of Religion and Politics… Mashallah. I Appeal to all friends, foes(am sure have many), turncoats, liberals(!) to stand beside these poor Afghans show your solidarity and make some noise to the extent of cacophony for Talibanis,”.


Who is Sreelekha Mitra:




Sreelekha Mitra is a Bengali actress known for mostly Bengali cinema. She has started her career through a Bengali TV serial named ‘Balikar prem’ directed by Dulal Lahiri. She rose to prominence for her role as ‘Nabanita’ in the 1996 Bengali TV series ‘Trishna’. Her breakthrough role in the movie was ‘Hotath Brishti’ by Basu Chatterjee, which was also a major success in the box office. Sreelekha Mitra is also best known for her signature performance in movies like, ‘Hothat Brishti'(1998), ‘Kantatar ‘(2006), ‘Aschorjo Prodip'(2013), ‘Swade Ahlade’ (2015), and ‘Rainbow Jelly’ (2015). She was also conferred with BFJA Award and Anandalok Award for her role in ‘Bappaditya’. Despite the success of the film, Mitra never attained any significant elevation in her career which she claimed to be an undesirable consequence of nepotism in Bengali cinema. She was also a popular face in the Bengali laughter show named ‘Mirakkel’ as a judge. Apart from BFJA, she also achieved Filmfare Award (East), Anandalok Award, Zee Bangla Gaurav Samman, Kalakar Award, and Big Bangla Movie Award.


The Afghanistan Turmoil:




Within 7 days Taliban has captured Afghanistan by winning city after city. With women disappearing from the streets and men donning traditional attire, people who remember the ultra-conservative militant rule, want to fly desperately. Women who comprise nearly 50% of the total population have been living before dread for the return of the Taliban.  Nearly 3,30,000 Afghans have been displaced since now. Women working in several sectors have asked to leave the job or fill the post with their male representative.  Since the Taliban was ousted in 2001 activists have been fighting for women’s educational, reproductive and political rights in the country. Though gender equality has never become a flagship priority for the Afghani government. From 19996 to 2001 the Taliban notoriously brutalized women and girls, barring them from working and even attending school. They were even prohibited from going outside without male accompaniment or face covers. Females Afghanis routinely endured public beatings and humiliations. Women are scared of the reinstallation of all these brutal laws on them. They post videos on social media asking for help and expose the real brutal Taliban rule to the world.


Sreelekha’s call on the Afghanistan turmoil:




This popular actress said, “we have to raise our voice to condemn such heinous and barbaric acts of the Taliban, I am really shocked. Are we living in 2021? While we all are busy in our life this is what happens there. Such brutality of religion and politics! We have to show our solidarity and raise our voice so that the Afghan people trapped there can be saved.” Meanwhile, she is prospering in her work life.  Her film ‘Once Upon A Time In Calcutta’ has been selected at the Venice International Film Festival. This film by Aditya Bikram Sengupta is the second Bengali Film after Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s ‘Uttora’ which has made an entry in the prestigious Venice Film Festival.





Other than Sreelekha Mitra many other big personalities have become vocal about the Afghanistan issue. They also shared the viral Sahraa Karimi’s post, the first woman appointed as director-general of state-run Afghan Film.  Sahraa has appealed to the world’s film communities to raise voice for Afghanistan. This post was shared by Badshah Mitra, Debdut Ghosh, Arghakamal Mitra, Debjyoti Mishra, Anindya Bandyapadhay, Jitu Kamal, Aditya Bikram Sengupta, Tathagata Ghosh, Sayani Gupta, Anirudha Roy and Anik Dutta.  Anik Dutta has also shared the post and tag as many people as possible and asked to raise their voice and save Afghanistan.