Actress Shibani Dandekar claims she isn’t keeping anything about her relationship with Farhan Akhtar a secret, but that doesn’t mean she’ll come out and say it.

Taking a break for some me-time yet staying together has been Shibani Dandekar’s key motto for maintaining a good and well-balanced relationship with Farhan Akhtar.

“I spend a lot of time with my spouse, whether we’re training together, viewing content together, or discussing things in terms of work or our pets,” Dandekar says of her life in the Covid-19 era. A  significant amount of time is given to each other.”

“Then do things on your own when you need your space. That is extremely crucial. The most important thing I learned throughout this process was the importance of balance and respecting one other’s routines and needs,” adds the actress, who recently celebrated three years of marriage to Akhtar.

Dandekar, 40, is quick to add, though, that striking that balance hasn’t been simple.

“Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. They’re accentuated during the lockdown. It’s also critical to figure out what your preferred mode of operation is. Because it’s not something we’re used to or prepared for, it takes some time. So, life goes on, and you’re trying to figure out a structure that works for you,” she explains.

While Dandekar has never made an official declaration about her relationship status, she hasn’t tried to disguise it, and in most situations has allowed the photographs to speak for her.

“I don’t believe I’ve concealed anything. I’m just doing what I feel like doing right now. If I want to discuss it, I’ll discuss it. I won’t talk about it if I don’t feel like it at the time. But I’m not trying to hide anything,” she says, adding, “There’s nothing pre-planned in the way I operate in my relationship or in my personal life.” I only share stuff with folks when I’m in the mood. This is exactly what I’m looking for.”

“Our life has changed so dramatically, and we’re trying to traverse new areas in our work, at home, and in our relationship,” Dandekar says in a section of Love In The Times Of Corona, which was recently released on an OTT platform. It’s also vital to talk about it because we’re dealing with fresh relationship issues.”

Farhan Akhtar’s wedding speculations are debunked, and Shibani Dandekar recounts how their friendship blossomed during the lockdown.

Shibani Dandekar, an actress and television anchor, has stated that she and her lover, Farhan Akhtar, have not discussed marriage. She did concede, however, that the lockdown taught them a lot about one other because they were forced to remain in close quarters for an extended length of time.

Shibani Dandekar was questioned in an interview if she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level after spending so much time with Farhan Akhtar.

“Everyone is asking me that question,” she told Bollywood Bubble. To be honest, the subject hasn’t come up yet, but I’ve informed folks that I’ll find it out and inform you. There’s nothing to it right now.”

The lockdown, according to Shibani, allowed them to get to know one other “far faster” than they would have otherwise. “We already do so much together,” she added, “in terms of working out together, watching stuff together, playing with our dogs together, and then he would go off to work, and I would go off to work.” As a result, we had a terrific equilibrium. And we share a lot of hobbies in common. We both appreciate our time away. We had a fantastic set-up going on.

For the past three years, Farhan and Shibani have been together. Farhan previously married Adhuna Bhabani, a hairstylist with whom he had two daughters. Farhan Akhtar’s most recent film appearance was in Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s Toofaan. He discussed Shibani and his family’s reactions to the film in a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble. “They were all enthralled by the film. They’ve really appreciated the amount of effort that went into it. They’ve all spoken lovely things about them, including Paresh ji, Mrunal, Hussain, and everyone else.” “It was amazing to have your near and dear ones like a film that you’ve done,” he concluded.