Tired of sitting at your house in lockdown? You know what? Go get your girls and just take off. A girls trip is best to get over the hangover of lockdown. No matter if it’s a two-day trip or a week-long trip, if it’s with your girl besties then even without planning anything, the trip will be just perfect.

Now let me tell you why you should travel with your girl gang.


  • Don’t worry about safety, they have got your back



When traveling solo, safety is an important factor. People take extra care about safety on solo trips. But if it’s with your girl gang, don’t worry about your safety. When you are with your girls you can always cross your limits and be adventurous and daring. Do you want to walk alone at night in the streets? Just do it, because they will keep you safe. When it’s just your girl gang, they understand the problems a girl face during a trip and they will have every means to protect your gang.


  • Want to bitch about your life, well you have got them



Had a rough year? Or ha break-up with your significant other? Fed up with your job and your yelling boss? Just let it out. Your gang will hear you. They will understand. No matter when or where they will be all ears to you. Want to complain about your life, they will be there to hear you out without judging you. Have a little secret and never got a chance to share it with them? Well, a girls-only trip is the best time to tell. Be it bitching, or a secret, or your problems in life, don’t worry your gang is there to hear you out.


  • Got a small money problem? Don’t worry



To have a like-minded girl gang is like having a solution for your every problem. Running low on money, well without even saying it out loud they will understand you. They will help you with their share and also will help you cut down your expenses. They will always help you to fix a budget for your trip and save a lot of money. By sharing your expense, you will be more comfortable about the budget of your trip.


  • Don’t even bother of being homesick, they won’t let you



During your trip with your girls, there won’t be even a single dull moment. Your girls will be there to cheer you up every single time you feel low. If you miss your home or your family during the trip, they will find a way to lift your mood. Your girls will know what makes you happy. They will never leave your side if needed.


  • Suddenly need your mother? Well, that’s what your girls are for



Did you ever wish on your solo trips, that if your mother was there? Well, you won’t feel anything like that during your girl trip. Every girl gang will have a mature one, who reminds you to take your tickets, your dresses, etc. Also, if you need any motherly advice, you will have them.

Girls are fun and all but if the situation is serious, they will handle it accordingly.


  • Haven’t been clicking any pictures for Instagram lately? Say no more



A girl trip is perfect to fill your phones with cute, weird, and funny pictures. No matter what place, if its something beautiful considers it is already in any of yours phone.

The photos and videos are the virtual memories of your beautiful moments. A lot of photos means a lot of memories and this will make your trip unforgettable.


  • They won’t let you miss anything on your trip



Tired and don’t want to sky jump? Your prayers are falling on deaf ears. Because no matter what your friends won’t let you miss a single part of your trip. You might think they are being over pushy, but trust me they know that you will thank them afterward. Sometimes all you need is just a little push and you are all set to go. And that’s what they are for.

Your girl gang is perfect to try new things with. Because no matter what, what happens in the gang stays in the gang. If you wanna get a tattoo or wanna kiss a stranger just do it with your girls. Because they are the best company you can get to do these crazy things.


  • It Will help you to discover the new you



The time you spent with your girlfriends will help you to discover a new side of yours. When you talk about each other or your life, through them you will find new perspectives. Your girl buddies will help you see things from a different perspective. They will help you to escape from the real world. They will let you forget about the problems in your life, your responsibilities, your duties, and everything.

Every time you return from your trip with your girl buddies, you sure will have different new finds and perspectives of your own. And all thanks to your girl gang who are there to see you and understand you despite all your flaws.


  • You will be relaxed around them 



To travel with your girl gang means you get to relax the whole trip. You will be tension-free around them because they know you too well to upset you. Harmonious minds will always understand you. Despite all your problems, you will forget yourselves around them. Their friendship, their craziness, and their weird ideas will hold you back from going back to your problems. You can be yourself around them.


  • Girl Bonding



The best outcome from a trip with your girl gang is bonding. When you travel with your girl buddies, you will feel the connection. Sharing your thoughts, your beliefs with them will make you more connected to them. And I am sure that every trip will only make your bond stronger.


A trip with your girl buddies is the best medicine for our problems and your boring life. A girl trip will never disappoint you. So, no more waiting. Go get your girls and make some memories.