Hola, Non-Binaries and Allies!!!

Looking at you, I am filled with pride and glee at the fact that you have embraced your identity so well and chosen to stand with what you believe in. If you have come out or you are still in the closet, may this Pride get you acceptance and support from your dear ones and worldwide.

Nothing works better for showing your support than using the social media platform to spread awareness and stand up for what you believe in. So many people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community and the allies got handy with makeup this past month and we are bringing forward the best ones for you.

For those of you who are confused, Pride Month is celebrated every year in the month of June to celebrate the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer community and recognize their centuries long struggle and oppression while making a promise that the future will be more accommodating and loving to them. At a time like this we must ask ourselves how there can be only 2 genders when even the white light splits into 7 shades.

Covid may have made it impossible to go to Pride Parades but Transgenders and the Allies worldwide got crafty and handy with makeup and celebrated virtually and some of the looks which stole the show this Pride were-

  • Rainbow Liner

A heavy eye makeup which is Rainbow themed looks wonderful. One can go for many layers of colours and shades to get the perfect look.

  • Nail Art

Getting a Rainbow inspired manicure looks exquisite. There are so many designs to choose from and you can also get creative and design your own nail art.

  • Hair Streaks

Colourful highlighted hair or streaks is a wonderful trend to hop on. If dyeing or highlighting seems too dangerous for you, one can also go for clip on hair extensions.

  • Rainbow Clothing

You can pair a colourful sweater or pullover with shorts or jeans. If you are unable to find one, you can even do it yourself. Pick a normal white tee or blue jeans and paint. You can paint on the jeans pocket in the back and the tee can be painted front, back or in a small monogram.

  • Accessories

One can get Rainbow badges to wear on top of shirts or attach to purses and bags or a bracelet as well.

  • Face Paint

Painting a face is a fun way where you can ask your friend to paint your face (if you can trust them) or if you are an expert, you may paint yourself. The Rainbow pattern can go in waves across the face or in horizontal and vertical stripes.

  • Body Paint

If you are not comfortable painting on your face or you have got sensitive skin, you can paint on your body parts as well. Painting on wrists and fingers are the most common and if you are wearing shorts, you can get creative on your thighs as well.

  • Masks

Well, who said safety measures can’t be pulled in style?

Masks have become a necessity while stepping outside the house even if it’s for a second. Painting a rainbow on masks will not only keep you theme oriented but also safe.

  • Lipstick

A bold lipstick demands attention, doesn’t it? Use all different shades and make those lips look glossy and candy like. You can for different patterns stripes, circles, waves for the rainbow outlook.

These were some of the looks which blew the internet away and you can recreate these yourself as well. While it’s very important to talk about the community, it’s also vital we don’t just ‘hop’ on trends just because they are trends. Someone’s sexuality is NOT a trend and it’s time we acknowledge this.