Plants bring natural beauty to our living spaces. By creating texture and balance, a room or patio can be transformed into an environment that comforts and welcomes. But, just like miss universe, plants can do more than look pretty. They have been proven to reduce stress so well that one glance at a plant lowers your heart rate. They also help clean the air we breathe by absorbing toxins and acting as little oxygen factories. Plants simply make us feel better. By easing mental fatigue and improving air quality, plants manage to find themselves an indispensable part of your home life. Plants are Aesthetically pleasing; they are pretty and most people add plants to their décor for the visual appeal. This goes beyond the bouquet of fresh flowers that only last a week or two in a vase on your dining room table. Small and large trees, succulents, ferns and various other plants can boost the aesthetics of your home. These decorative plants add colour, ambiance, personality and life to any blank space.



Ways to decorate home with plants
Decorate the entrance with attractive potted plants
Entrance is one of the most important part of your home that must be decorated beautifully because it welcomes your guests. An attractive entrance creates an impression about you and your home. Therefore, to have a beautiful and inviting entrance you must decorate it with beautiful and large-sized potted plants such as English Ivy, Snake Plant, Areca Palm, etc. display them beautifully on either side of the door and make a great impression on the visitors.



Give your living room the touch of Greenery
A living room that is fully decorated with plants has a different impact on the people who live inside mentally and physically both. Therefore, it must be decorated with beautiful and attractive plants. Place big plants in every or any corner of the living room and decorate the shelves with small potted plants such as Parlour Palm, Feng Shui Bamboo, Golden Money Plant, etc. moreover, the pots of small plants hanging on the walls give natural look to the living room.



Balcony Décor
Balcony decoration has been quite a thing recently. And of course any balcony decoration is incomplete without pots of plants or just a tall plant if we want to keep it minimal.
The balcony is the place that extends the boundary of your home and let you see the limitless sky while offering comfort and relaxation. It is the spot where you spend your leisure time, create, and develop innovative ideas. Therefore, making it look more attractive and fuller of positivity should be your priority. Plants are the best items to decorate your balcony and make it look like a real painting. Even if you don’t have enough space on your balcony, there are certain ways in which you can create a mini garden there and enhance its beauty. You can install hanging plants in your veranda railings to make it look pretty and generate more space.

Apart from the perfect amount of greenery, you will be left with sufficient space in your small balcony where you can keep a patio table and chair to enjoy your evening tea or coffee while absorbing the fresh air. Use the balcony floor to keep decorative pots and planters and introduce more colours to your space. Try to use the pots of geometric shapes and pastel shades. You can also use hanging baskets and they will look stunning and also won’t take up the extra floor space.



Staircase styling
People, having staircase at home, can make it look all the more ravishing by placing a healthy tall plant at the stair landing. Bring some greenery indoor by decorating the staircase with green plants. The space under the stair case can be decorated with ornamental plants, decorative pots, stones, etc. It will aesthetically enhance the beauty of the interiors and bring serenity. So give the staircase a greenery touch and let its beauty reflect everywhere.



Beautiful kitchen with house plants
Plants are very effective in creating an impressive modern kitchen. Plants with sprawling open leaves are part of great kitchen décor. It will add a charm to your kitchen and give you a healthy kitchen interior so that you can enjoy cooking. You can also add some extra beauty by hanging green plants on the ceiling of your kitchen and give an unique look to your kitchen.



Don’t forget to place a plant with your choice of planter in the Bedroom
No matter how the interior is, contemporary or traditional , a plant goes and enhances the look and feel of every room or space. If you have white walls or may be monotones, adding a plant can add that extra color and vibe just rightly.

The green art adds a fresh vibe to your bedroom and gives you healthy and purified air every time. Plants like Pothos, snake plant, English Ivy etc. are extremely good for your health. So, decorate your bedroom with some greenery and create a beautiful and healthy interior.
Outdoors and Terrace Plant Decor

So, you love plants and you love being outdoors or especially if you have a terrace. And you also love the two together. What to do? Fill your favourite outdoor space and terrace with plants of various sizes and shapes. Now, is it one of those crazy ways to decorate home with plants? Of course! Having plants at the backyard or on terrace of your house will make the place look cool with a better environment, you can have tea party, snacks time and also you can read books by sitting at the backyard and terrace or do your morning yoga surrounded with plants. It calms your tension and stress too. You can have a mini garden at low maintenance cost that you have set up in your backyard or terrace.


Beautiful pots on shelves or benches
Decorating your home by placing beautiful plant pots on the shelves or benches is a great idea to give an awesome look to the home interiors. Keep plants in between the objects placed on the shelves and give them a stylish look. Shelves are the perfect platform to showcase the varieties of plants. So, give a stylish makeover to your home and also adorn them with beautiful plants.



Covering up boring empty corners
Wondering what to do with those unused stools? Use them as planter stands and cover up those lifeless empty corners of your house. Embrace the empty corners just by placing a potted medium sized plant in edges of your room or you can just place a plant on stool at the corners. It covers up the awkward look and brings the natural beauty in each and every corner of your house.


Plants on walls
Not all things tiny go unnoticed. Decorate your walls with a mesh of tiny planters carrying little plants and see how they steal attention of your guests. It takes imagination and creativity to make your home compound look aesthetically appealing, these tiny plant pots on your wall renew your landscaping patterns and designs. It can be boring watching the same home walls over the years, these plant pots not only give your compound a facelift but also have a stunningly beautiful home environment that you, your family, and visitors will enjoy always.


Take your bathroom décor to another level
Are you of the opinion that bathrooms are bland and boring? Just glance at this design. The use of a few plants has offered the whole bathroom an exotic look. And you say, there are limited ways to decorate home with plants! Living plants make bathrooms more pleasant places for users, improving the décor and air quality. And bathrooms can be good environments for plants, too. A bathroom is typically a warm, humid room that provides the perfect environment for plants, and water to irrigate the plants is always close at hand.


So Say Green & Go Green!!
Nowadays, the use of plants in modern interior design is getting more and more popular. It doesn’t matter how good is your interior and land scaping are or how well is your furniture in the house is, by placing a potted plant somewhere in a room instinctively enhance the beauty of the house and holds the attraction of the place. The allure of having plants in the house is quite pleasing, even the beauty of house is drawn to it.

So, decorate your home with a mixture of large and small plants and give your loved ones a healthy environment for living.