Want to ditch your old hairstyles and give your hair a new look? Go get a mussed layer cut. Chandelier bangs, cool-girl haircuts, beach waves, extensions, and Clavicut hairstyles are “so” 2020. 2021 loved, embraced, and copied messy layered haircuts. Mussed layers give a carefree look but it can be dramatic too.

Remember how your grandma mussed your hair and you hated it? Yeah, I know right? Who knew this would become a trending hairstyle? Mussed hair gives you an effortless and natural look. The effortless look credits for it other nicknames, “bed head” or “messy layers”. Now let’s take a look at mussed layers.


How is it like?

Mussed hair gives you a no-makeup look. Mussed layers give the hair a voluminous look. The hair tips are thinned and this gives an ample volume look to the hair at the roots. Mussed hair gives the impression that the volume of hair is gradually decreasing from root to tip. These thin tips give a chic look. It is also an amazing haircut to give away your bulky hair roots. The messiness, when clubbed with layers, is a dramatic style. The layers of hair expose themselves individually and will make the hair bouncy.

Choppy edges and swooshy patterns make this hairstyle an eye-catcher. For voluminous hair, hair thinning techniques are used for mussed layers. Thin scissors are used to cut the choppy edges. The layering reduces the weight of hair but the bulky look stays. For people with thin hair strands and less voluminous hair, mussed layers are the perfect hair makeover. Mussed layers give more texture, shape, and movements to the hair and make it shaggy.


Need instant cheekbones? Go get a mussed layer

Nail the mussed layer around the face and voila! The choppy edges and curviness of mussed layers give you instant cheekbones. The thin edges of hair tend to cling to your face and give away your cheekbones. It makes your cheekbones longer and sharp. The layers give a chic and sexy touch to your face.


Keep it low-key with invisible layers

You don’t want to make a big deal of mussed layers? Get some invisible layers, they are subtle. Invisible layers will help you to avoid the clumps and bulky look of mussed hair. But you will still have the layers and mussiness at the places you need them. It can be perfectly effective and much more attractive. Invisible layers are versatile and can be undetected in any hairstyle.


Celebs who nailed it

Fashion and beauty in India are always influenced by Bollywood. People tend to follow the fashion trends introduced in new films. The Indian beauty industry is not afraid of any new experiments. There are many celebrities in India who can easily pull off new trends and make them believable in India. Now, let’s see some Indian celebrities who nailed the mussed layers…


Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is one of the fashion icons of India. Her sense of fashion and beauty is limitless. She is never afraid to try out new trends or even to make them. She is blessed with naturally shiny and flawless hair. She loves to play with her hair, and always tends to do something new with her hair. PC really pulled off the mussed layers. Her highlighted golden blonde streak together with layered mussiness made her hair dramatic.


Kriti Sanon

Having a modeling background, Kriti Sanon always tends to experiment on her hair. She likes to keep it smooth, simple, and elegant. Her most spotted hairstyle is mussed layers. Her burgundy colored locks and choppy edges give her a chic look and cute girl-next-door.



Anushka Sharma

Anushka is one of the Bollywood actresses who nailed shoulder-length hairstyles. She also opts for messier hairstyles. It gives her a carefree look. The front bangs and centre partitioned messy layers give her a youthful look.



Mussed layers to go with every attire

Be it Indian or western, mussed layers can pull it off. Mussed layers give that chic look, elegance, aesthetic look, classy look, boldness, statement look, and youthful look. Despite the differences in age and style, mussed layers will make your hair catchy.

In traditional Indian attire like a lehenga or a salwar, mussed layers will give away the elegance of the dress and will also highlight your accessories. The choppy edges will point out your sharpness and boldness. In western attire, mussed layers make statements. Crop tops, high waist pants, and mussed layers will give you a sassy look. Mussed layers will also go with formal wear and helps you with your bold look.



Short hairs can pull it off easily

Short hairs are the ones who can easily pull off the mussed layers. The short hair-mussed layers can frame your face. It gives your hair texture and shagginess. The choppy edges will slightly touch your shoulder and the wavy strands will give it a spread look.

If the hair is highlighted or colored, it will give the mussed layers an illusionary effect. The strands thinning from the root to tips will fluctuate in shades and will exhibit a mirror look.


“Bed Head” Easy to maintain

The mussed layer is called bed head for a reason. Mussed layers give out of bed look. The maintenance of mussed layers is also easy. Earlier people with messy hair tend to blow-dry their hair to keep it together or should I say disciplined. But with the arrival of bed head, the messiness of hair became the beauty of hair.
Are you really lazy to brush your hair? Then mussed layers are perfect for you. Mussed layers can go without combing for days, trust me… it gives the hair a carefree look. Even with makeup, it gives you a no-makeup look. The hair sprays used before to make the hair messier are not needed anymore. Messiness can be the new normal look of your hair.

Mussed layers conquered the hair trends in 2021 with their carefree and effortless look. Easy maintenance is also an advantage of messy hairs. With mussed layers, your hair can be elegant, dramatic, and simple at the same time. Now, what are you waiting for? Go get your lockdown hair makeover and nail the bed head.