Don’t want to get back your tight jeans and crop tops after spending the whole lockdown in comfy pajamas? You know what? A Kaftan will be perfect for you. Kaftan is one of the most comfortable dresses for this summer. This lockdown saw a huge comeback of Kaftans in the Indian fashion industry and it created a buzz in the industry.


What is Kaftan?

Kaftan is a common wear in North and Middle Eastern African regions. During this lockdown, thanks to our Bollywood celebrities Kaftan became a new wardrobe staple in India.



A true kaftan is a loose-fitting robe with long free sleeves. It comes in deep necks or wide necks and can be short or ankle length. It can be buttoned or can have a wide waistband. Kaftan is really voluminous and can have wide and undefined long sleeves. Kaftan gives a bohemian chic look. Kaftans come in different prints and materials.


Why Kaftan?

Kaftan is the prevailing hottest summer fashion trend. Kaftans never go out of trends because of their comfiness. Kaftan is more like a fabric clinging to your body without setting any limits. It gives you comfort at the same time makes you simply pretty.


  • Comfiness

In the lockdown, the new priority of people became comfort. This love for Kaftan made it the summer essential in this lockdown. Kaftan adds a touch of glamour with comfort. For women who are working from home and have to attend online meetings among all the house chores, Kaftan is really an asset.



  • Free- size

Kaftan is a summer comfy wear for everyone. Women of every age can pull it off. From kids who want to look cute to grownups wanting a chic look, Kaftan is the perfect option. Kaftan is a “one size fits all”. Women irrespective of different body size or shape could enjoy it. Plus size women are also rocking in kaftans. If you don’t want to make it complicated you can always go for short kaftans, which will pull off a chic look.



  • Lots of designs

Kaftan is available in lots of designs and prints. Kaftans can be simply plain and pretty or they can be embroidered and dramatically elegant. Kaftan also makes perfect beachwear. The loose-fitting Kaftan will be a perfect match with the breeziness of the beach. Nowadays Kaftans are used as maternity dresses because of it’s voluminous free size and comfiness. Kaftans can also pull off the cool pregnancy look.


Kaftan is more like a classy and breezy casual. If you want to go to small parties or shopping, Kaftan will give you a cool at the same time relaxed. Kaftan dresses can be also used as nightdresses because of their soft fabric. Kaftan is usually made with cotton and polyester which feels light and soft on the skin.


Trending Designs

Kaftans have evolved since its comeback in starting of lockdown. It became more sophisticated at the same time dramatic and classy. Let’s take a look at the new trending kaftans.


  • Kaftan with Kimono Sleeves

Kaftan is now trying a fusion with Kimono sleeves. It will give the sleeves a bell sleeve touch. It will be perfect wear for summer stays. It will be available in T length also. T length is perfect if one wants to show their legs. It will also give you a feathery feel.



  • Short Leopard Print Kaftan

Leopard prints no matter what always stay in fashion. When this epic print clubs with the comfiest dress, we get a remarkable Kaftan. The leopard print gives an exotic look. This kaftan is perfect for an outing or a get-together.



  • Long Kaftan Wedding Dress

Kaftans are outgrowing every other usual wedding attire this summer. Kaftan wedding dresses are the perfect pick if you are attending a wedding with your close ones. Wedding kaftans are dreamy and comfortable at the same time. Wedding Kaftans come with embroidery and in elegant colors. When paired with your favorite accessories, the whole outfit can be an eye-catcher.



  • Shoulder Kaftan Dresses

If you want a classy but stylish or chic but bold look, you are looking for a shoulder Kaftan. Shoulder kaftan is definitely a show-stealer. It will make you feminine and gives you an exotic look.


  • Deep Neck Kaftan

Deep neck kaftan conquered the hearts of Indians this summer. Especially Bollywood actresses are obsessed with this Kaftan. The deep neck will make you look ravishing and also flaunts your figure. When a deep neck kaftan is clubbed with a small waistband it clings to the curves of your body, which will make it sexier than other kaftans.



Bollywood actresses who nailed it

The main reason for the comeback of kaftans in India is Bollywood. Many actresses shared their kaftan stories in this lockdown. India always looks up to Bollywood, this time was no different. After seeing their favorite actresses in the comfy and stylish kaftans, fans waited no longer to save at least one kaftan for their wardrobe. Now let’s see some of the Bollywood actresses who nailed the summer kaftan look.

  • Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor’s love for kaftans was revealed in this lockdown. In this lockdown, Kareena was spotted in different designer kaftans.  Kareena enjoyed her pregnancy time in beautiful kaftan dresses. She flaunted her baby bump in stylish and pretty kaftans. In 2013, she admitted her love for Kaftan to Vogue. She said she loved how comfortable they were.



  • Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is one of the fashion icons of India. Indians are also proud of her remarkable red carpet looks. Priyanka Chopra made it clear how to make a kaftan sexy at Cannes Film Festival, 2019. She was accompanied by her husband Nick Jonas and she was spotted in a silky pale blue kaftan. The white waistband revealed the curviness of her body. The pearl accessories gave her a dreamy look.



Kaftan became the lockdown favorite of Indians. Loose-fitting robe conquered the Indian hearts. Comfort being the priority, Kaftans will find its way even after lockdown.

Still don’t have kaftan in your wardrobe? What are you waiting for? Go save a kaftan for your summer wardrobe.