Pregnancy is an ordinary miracle. It is the greatest gift of the universe to a woman. Pregnancy is a different experience for every woman. For some, it is the gift of their love or a new start or a ray of hope or a chance of redemption. Motherhood is the greatest boon of pregnancy and being a mother can be the best feeling in the world. But despite all this happiness, pregnancy comes with a lot of challenges emotionally and physically. Just imagine a whole human living inside your body for nine months, isn’t it terrifying?

The pregnancy period is a roller coaster of emotions. Being happy about the pregnancy is one thing but controlling the emotions during pregnancy is a whole other thing. During pregnancy, the emotions of a woman are changing significantly. Age of the woman, family, surrounding scenario, partner’s support, and prior pregnancy experiences affect the emotions of a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman will be overwhelmed with happiness, excitement, anxiety, depression, mood swings, cravings during different stages of the pregnancy.

Now let’s take a ride through all the emotions a woman goes through during pregnancy :-



Excitement and Happiness

The woman hearing about her pregnancy will be overwhelmed by happiness. Being a mother is one of the greatest blessings of being a woman. If the pregnancy was not planned, the couple would be taken away by surprise. The couple will be definitely happy if they have been trying to have a baby for a long time. The pregnancy period gives time for the couple to get adjusted to the reality that they are going to become parents. The emotional growth from a woman to a mother is filled with dose of excitement and happiness.

Studies show that most women are the happiest during their pregnancy. The thought of the arrival of a baby, the unconditional love experienced from others during the pregnancy, the partner’s support give the woman blissful joy. The thought of a person loving without limits and the joy the child going to bring her family is astounding for every woman. Happy mother gives happy baby.




Fear is a constant emotion all throughout the pregnancy.

In the first trimester, a mother will be afraid of miscarriage or any complications in the pregnancy. In the second trimester, a mother will be scared of the health and physical changes of the child. In the third trimester, a mother will be terrified by the idea of pain and agony during childbirth. The fear of birth is a psychological disorder and can be treated. Fear of being a mother and having more responsibility can also scare some women.



Mood swings

This is the most common emotion that almost all mothers go through in some stage of their pregnancy. One minute the woman will be happy but the next minute she could be sad over nothing.

During the first-trimester mood swings are most common. Mood swings are the result of hormonal changes in your body. Estrogen and progesterone are the two hormones that cause mood swings. Sleep deprivation is also a reason for mood swings. Your emotions will be heightened and you will experience sudden fluctuations between these emotions.




Anxiety is the main emotion that a pregnant woman experiences. She will be worried about the health of the unborn child. The pain of pregnancy, mood swings, morning sickness, food cravings, nausea all these factors add to the reasons for anxiety. The thought of throwing up during a meeting or in a public place can alone make the woman anxious. The thought of what kind of mother will she be may make her anxious.

A woman will be worried that if she does something wrong that it will affect the baby. Will my baby love me back, will I be a perfect mother, will my baby be healthy, will my baby affect the relationship between me and my husband, all these questions can cause tension in a woman. A mother will be always worried about her child, and this starts even before the child is born. Over-expectations about a child might also cause anxiety. Physical change in a woman also roots in anxiety.




Pregnancy can cause occasional memory losses. This is called baby brain.

Baby brain is due to the hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. The lack of sleep can also lead to forgetfulness.




During pregnancy, a mother is more vulnerable to emotions. Women cry a lot during the pregnancy period.

They cry very easily over a small matter. We may find pregnant ladies crying in even a happy situation. During pregnancy, every emotion comes out through crying. But crying a lot is also unhealthy. Constant crying can lead to depression.




The second trimester of pregnancy is the honeymoon phase. It is because in this phase the woman is more energetic and feels more sexual.

The baby bump will be visible and the breast size will be increased, which the partner finds sexy. A woman’s genital area will be more sensitive during the pregnancy.




Depression is a common emotion during the mid-and late stages of pregnancy. In some cases of pregnancy, there could be a medical complication and you will be asked to take bed rest. Being confined to a place may affect the mental stability of the woman. Extra mental support is needed in this stage. The lack of support in this stage may lead to depression. The woman will feel abandoned, worthless and alone in this stage. The only thing holding her together will the thought of her baby. The mood swings during the pregnancy may eventually lead to depression. She feels frustrated for not knowing what to do.

During pregnancy, some women are happy about their body but some are insecure. During the first trimester, some may not need maternity clothes because the changes won’t visible to an extent. But during the second trimester, the physical changes are unavoidable. Some mothers will be worried about their physical changes and can be stressed out. Insecurity about physical appearances is a big reason for depression. Financial situation, work, an unplanned pregnancy can all lead to depression. Diet, medicines, pregnancy complications can cause unhappiness.

No matter how much sleep you get, you will be still tired during the pregnancy. You will lose interest in many activities and eventually get bored. Being not engaged in other activities can lead to overthinking, and overthinking, in turn, leads to depression. During the pregnancy, a woman needs to depend on others. She may consider herself as a burden to others and this causes dissatisfaction in herself.
Pregnancy may affect the sleeping hours and the lack of sleep can cause emotional distress. Depressed mothers are moody, restless, suicidal, crying, and guilty. During the pregnancy mother will be tired almost every time, this tiredness caused emotional suffering. Depression may lead to a lack of care and this, in turn, will lead to so many other medical complications.

The pregnancy period comes with lots of emotional difficulties. There are many ways to overcome these challenges. Exercise, music, yoga, books, dance, etc., helps with emotional distress. A woman should always try to be happy and strong during this period. Being scared and depressed can cause damages to the unborn child. Emotional problems can be sorted out by talking to a therapist. Sharing your thoughts with your partner can help to ease emotional stress.

Well, pregnancy is indeed an emotional journey . But, no matter what has been the flow of emotions or health hazards during pregnancy, it seems all worth when a mother hears the cry of her baby for the very first time. No emotion can beat that Joy and Happiness .