Apart from lockdown and quarantine COVID also brought another new word in our life- the “New Normal”. And we all have just started to get accustomed to this new normal. This new normal includes another interesting factor and that is ‘work from home’. Since 2020, we are exhausted due to this work from home and online meetings. It’s become a habit to attend online meetings with casual wear. People just do not care about the looks or attire before logging in to the zoom call. Do you ever think about your online meeting dress code? Probably not, none of us did. We don’t even consider that the dress code for online meetings is a pretty serious issue. But trust me it is important. So here you will get a complete guide on how to dress up for your online meetings. Check this out and make a difference in your next online meeting.


Why dressing up is important for online meetings?

Attire creates the first impression. So, professional attire must be expected in professional environment. Online meetings are a very crucial part of any profession or industry. The dress and body language of people affect the flow of the meeting and your acceptability. So, wearing the proper dress is necessary for online meetings. Messy or casual look can portray a unprofessional approach unnecessarily. So, what you wear at meetings has a great impact the outcome of the meeting and your professional image.


Tips to dress for online meetings:

Neutral colors are the best choice. Wearing neutral color makes you look more authentic and professional.
• Go for formal fabrics and focus on the top wears most because that is the prominent part of online meetings.
White shirt is always a good choice because white can be paired up with any dark or neutral color.

• Kurtas are also a very sober choice. It makes your look professional and trendy as well. Pair your Kurta with matching leggings. In fact, you can also opt for kurtas with roll-up sleeves. Check prints to nail the office meetings with style.
• Try to use Blazers or semi- blazers to make your look bold and perfect. Try to use this look for formal meetings only.
Small prints on light shades and solid color- these two are the perfect choice for your virtual meetings. Also, you can put any formal jackets on your neutral color shirt. It will give you a smart look.
• If you want to wear something comfortable. Then try semi-formal. You can use palazzo pants and teamed them with a shirt or t-shirt. Keep your styling minimal and maintain a proper look.
A solid shirt with a color-blocking vest looks great for virtual meetings. A T-shirt may make your look casual but a vest added to it must make it professional.
Co-ord sets will be the best choice for your online meeting looks. You just need to coordinate your upper and lowers ones with the same print or color. It will give you a stylish semi-formal look. Co-ords sets look elegant and also make you feel comfortable.
• To make your attire comfortable you can pair your shirt with joggers as well. Also, you can add a formal blazer to your semi-formal shirt or t-shirt. That makes you comfortable and gives a professional look well.
• You can also wear saree for virtual meetings. Try to use saree of sober or neutral color. Complement your saree with a bright or neutral color blouse. You can also use single colored saree, pair it up with contrast colored blouse.
• Using a scarf is also a very good idea. Scarf also complements your professional look and makes it stylist.
• You can also use smart shrugs or a jacket on your casual t-shirt. This will make you comfortable and turn your casual look into formal.

Choose your accessories wisely:

Never going overboard with your accessories is the key thing to remember. Overall it should be simple and you should coordinate your accessories according to your outfit and make-up.
Compliment your solid color kurtas with a long and simple neckpiece.
• You can use statement earrings with your bold blazer look.
• Studs, earrings and bracelets are good for your semi-formal look as well.
• Chains or hoops will look great with your co-ord outfits.
• You can use a pair of glasses to add extra charm to your formal look. Glasses always add extra professionalism to your look.
• Nose pins are always a good choice. But try to use a statement or gold nose pin. Try to use a small to medium nose pin. Choose your nose pin according to your clothing.
• Use minimal accessories to complement your saree look. Vintage bracelet or watch would be perfect for the look.

Things you should avoid while dressing up for virtual meetings:

• Avoid wearing colors similar to your background.
• Do not go for shimmer or shiny fabric
• Avoid wearing creased cloth.
• Avoid clothes with big prints or with too many color or patterns
• Try to avoid baseball caps or hoodies. Those clothes are way too casual
• Do not wear shorts underneath your shirts or blazers. Pair up your shirts with proper clothing like pants or formal trousers.
• Avoid using sparkly accessories. Do not go overboard with your accessories.
• Try to avoid oversized clothes. Oversized clothes always make your look less formal and more casual.
• Try not to use a neckpiece and earrings at once. If you use them both make sure they are subtle and give you a sophisticated look

Try to put minimal makeup on your professional look. The “no make-up look” would be a perfect choice. The camera tends to wash people out so; you need more foundation and blush. But do not go overboard with your makeup, Apply the minimal amount of makeup to look flawless. Avoid dramatic eye makeup or smoky eyes. Use natural brown shades for the eyes. A clean hair bun looks good with professional attire. Try to avoid messy bun. You can braid your hair or make a pony tail too or leave it open it your hair is properly blow-dried or ironed. Just remember clean and simple look always goes well with professional attire. Make sure you look fresh and confident. Your camera angle should be straight at or a bit above eye level. Do not put your camera too high or too low. Proper lighting is important to compliment your attire. Avoid messy background, your background must look clean and simple. Follow these tips ,blend it with your style, stay confident and you are just on the way to nail your next Online Meeting.