Divyanka Tripathi is one of the most “loved” and well-known actresses in the Indian television industry. She has been in the Indian television industry for a long time now. She has worked in series such as Banoo Mai Teri Dulhan, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, and others, but her role as Ishita has grabbed everyone’s heart. She is very active on social media, where she often updates her followers on what’s going on in her personal and professional lives. Her fans love the way she dresses and showers a lot of compliments. Divyanka Tripathi, who has massive followers in social media and currently shooting for Khatron ke Khiladi Season 11 in Cape Town, has given back to a troll by a fan in twitter.

The troll states, “Crime Petrol episode me aap dupatta kyu nahi pahanati hai (why don’t you wear a dupatta in the crime petrol episode?)”. Replying to the tweet, Divyanka asked the person to respect women irrespective of what they wear. She also made it clear that it is her body, her soul, hence it is her decision what she wants to wear.
The actress tweeted back, “Taaki aap jaise bin dupatta ki ladkiyon ko bhi izzat se dekhne ki aadat dalein! Kripya khud ki aur apne aas paas ke ladkon ki neeyat sudharen, naki aurat jaat ke pehnaave ka beda uthaayen! Mera shareer, meri aabru, meri marzi! Aap ki sharaafat, aap ki marzi! (so that people like you learn to respect girls who do not wear a dupatta. Please do not take upon yourself the duty to tell women what to wear. Instead, change the way you and others around you look at women. My body, my soul and my wish. Your decency, your wish!)”

After her reply, another twitter user told the actress about the possibility of the person being her fan who likes to see her with a dupatta. To this, Divyanka responded by saying that she respects it if it is a fan’s love but discussing women’s clothing is a thing of the past. We can discuss acting, science, politics, history, geography and many subjects. Dupatta is a very trivial topic.

Her reply caught the attention of many of her fans who supported and hailed her reaction. Have a look at some of them shown below:

This what exactly Divyanka Tripathi has done, after being trolled for not wearing dupatta, she came through this with an sharp reply saying to change their idea and view point towards women. This inspired not only her fans but also the other people who have come to support her by tweeting positive comments to the tweet.The troller got a lot of backlash from her devoted supporters. Many pointed out that it was none of his business. The man seemed embarrassed and said it was only a general type of question. She told him that there are many general topics like cinema, politics, science, technology and other subjects to have a general conversation subjects to have general conversation about with her. Meanwhile, Divyanka Tripathi continues to post her current working projects and keep updating about what going in her life and fans admires her as they always do.


Trolls isn’t a new thing to celebrities
Trolls are not a new encounters for celebrities, Normally, a high social media engagement is a good sign for an influencer, however, when these “much-loved” followers lash out with the choicest abuses and negative comments, it is natural for even the best of the lot to lose their cool. Earlier lives of celebrities were mystery for fans, but if we compare to the current scenario everyone has access to social media and there is a direct communication. So there are also cons of it also, as people can put their comments too which are not always positive. Even if we ban trolls on twitter, they will still find a way to reach them to completely fiddle with their mental peace. They are just faceless trolls who just drop the meanest of the comments on their profile.

As there is no way to end trolling some of the celebs have mastered the art of reply to such mean trolls. Trolling is not always bad as we think, some of them are may be just facts, some of them be advice, request, suggestion or people just what to know the facts and the truth which make those comments look like entitled which may sound trolling. There is mixture of people who troll and people who offend the troll, like in the case of Divyanka Tripathi she is trolled for not wearing dupatta, when she gave a savage reply to the troller many people supported her and wrote positive comments for her reply.

Society continues to judge women for their choice of Dressing
Almost everyone has an opinion on a woman’s appearance. They judge the woman’s skirt, the tightness of her cleavage, the height of her heels to the colour of her lipstick. We as a society have a tendency to jump to quick and very vocal judgement in the name of propriety. If any women wear a short dress, the first statement which came to hear is, “look at that girl wearing the short dress. what an attention seeker she is”.

A popular saying goes in English – do not judge a book by its cover. Same way we should say do not judge a women by the dress she wears. It’s important for a women to feel good in her clothes. The character of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, or the figure that she carries. But our society judges a woman’s character by her clothes.
Not only Divyanka Tripathi but also there are few other women celebrities who are trolled for their attire, and many came up with an savage reply too. But sometimes trolls can affect too badly as well.


It is not about trolling or it is not about what a women is wearing; it is about the perspective of the society towards women which should be changed. Everyone has their own opinion, choice and consent about their state of being. For a women, when it comes to her clothing or lipstick or nail paint or any of her personal being its totally her choice, her wish, her life and her consent. So instead of judging women, society should respect them and their choices.