Saree- an elegant dress for Indian women. Saree makes all women look beautiful and gorgeous. Also, every Indian woman has a certain weakness for saree. The traditional and conventional style of wearing a saree may look boring and dull sometimes. It’s not easy to manage a saree, look, and style at the same time, especially during the summer. Why don’t you try something new with saree? Like, make a new outfit from your saree. Sounds interesting? Right? So here is some different and trendiest ways of styling a saree. So, ladies, to nail your saree look, just check this out.

Different ways of styling a saree
1. Belt It Up:

Just add a belt with your normal saree look. This is the latest trend now. Drape your saree normally and add a belt that clinches your pallu at the waist. If you want a traditional look, just use a kamarbandh instead of the belt. Complement your look with a statement blouse like an off-shoulder or cold-shoulder one. This can accumulate your waistline as well.

2. Drape it like a Dhoti:

This style is inspired by the Maharashtrian style of draping sarees. Just drape your saree like a dhoti and pleat your pallu in a conventional way. This outfit goes well with edgy look jewelry. Add a gorgeous statement blouse and make an overall distinctive outfit.

3. The Lehenga Look:

Yes, you hear it right, you can make a lehenga look with your saree. Any kind of fancy fabric like Georgette or chiffon is perfect to make the lehenga look. This style does not have any pleats in front and this style is very easy to drape even within a short time. Pair your look with the right accessories and make your look absolutely stunning.

4. Neck drape style:

Want to add a western kick to your conventional saree look? Just drape your pallu around the neck like a dupatta. This style brings attention to your shoulder and collarbones. The length of your pallu should be a little longer to achieve the look. This style is ideal for tall women. This style can be paired with a full sleeve blouse with a deeper neck.

5. The Mermaid Style or Mumtaz Style:

If you are a die heart Bollywood fan you must know about the epic Mumtaz style from the movie ‘ Ram aur Shyaam’. In this style of draping saree, the lower part of the pleats must be spread out to look alike with the tail of a mermaid. This may look quite hard to achieve but all it takes some extra pleats and tucks. You just nail any wedding or reception party with your mermaid look. If you are a die heart Bollywood fan you must know about the epic Mumtaz style from the movie ‘ Ram aur Shyaam’. Drape your saree like this and snatch the charm of the event. The secret to achieving this style lies in the layering of the saree.

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6. Pair up with a pant:

Just pair your saree with your pants instead of using a petticoat. You can use any kind of pants like jeans or trousers. This is the best way to stand out at any event you attend. You can pair up this look with your top instead of using a blouse. This style itself is a fashion statement. Use minimal jewelry with this look and complement the look with your chic sandals or high heels.


7. Butterfly style:

This style can help you to achieve a slimmer and fitter look. If you want to look fit and skinny this style is your perfect match. Achieving this style is not that hard. This style only requires extra thin pleats of your pallu. You also need to pin your pallu at the back of your shoulder.  This look will be enhanced if you use a silky fabric that defines your pleats like the opalescent wings of a butterfly.

8. Drape it like a gown:

If you really want to slay this style, you need to have a blouse that is absolutely killer. If you are facing trouble to drape a saree in a conventional way, you can definitely use a pre-stitched gown saree. This Pre-stitched gown saree comes in a variety of fabrics like sequins, net, or pure silk. You just need to grab your own match. You can pair it up with a jacket or a cape. Add extra glow to your outfit with a gorgeous jumka or a nice and sophisticated neckpiece.

9. Front Pallu Style:

This is maybe the easiest one. Instead of carrying your pallu conventionally on the left shoulder, just drape it from the back and put it on the right shoulder. You can make pleats or can spread the pallu with one pleat. This will make you look unique and stylish.

10. Add a blazer:

Sounds crazy right? Just try it once. If you need to attend an event with a formal look, this style is the perfect catch.  Pair your flowy saree look with your favourite blazer. You can style this look according to your convenience. You can put the blazer over your blouse or underneath your pallu. Complement your look with the right pair of accessories.

11. The authentic Marathi style:

The traditional Maharashtrian style of draping saree provides a rustic and country-chic look. This style needs a nine-yard saree, regular six yards saree is not sufficient for this look. You also need to avoid petticoats.  You can use knee-length leggings or shorts instead of an under-skirt. Complement your look with a gorgeous pair of jewelry. Maharashtrian nose pin (nathni), glass bangles, and temple pieces of jewelry are the perfect matches for the look.

12. Kerala Style of draping saree:

The most elegant and gorgeous style of draping saree. It’s added a slight change in the regular style of draping saree. Style this look with a conventional handloom off-white saree with golden borders. Pair it up with a contrast-colored blouse and jazz it up. Complement your look with either gold or costume jewelry.

13. Bengali style of draping saree:

Bengali ‘aat-poure’ style is probably the most gorgeous style of draping a saree. The unique feature of this styling is, there are no pleats in the front. Tant( the Bengal fabric) is the [perfect match for this style. Use any gorgeous color of saree to achieve the look, you can also use a white saree with the bold red border. Use bold and gold jewelry to complement this look.

14. Drape over the Sharara pants:

Not just basic pants, drape your saree over a Sharara pant.  Complement it with your one-shoulder blouse. It will give you an elegant and thin look for any parties or events.

15. Wear with experimental blouse:

Pair your saree with a modish blouse, to make a strong style statement. Grab any of the trendy blouse designs and make it your perfect fit.

16. Style with Cape:

To embrace your modern saree, pair it up with a cape. It is one of the most effortless ways to glam up. You can wear a cape over your saree and can belt it up both to define your waistline. The new butterfly-style cape also goes well with sarees.

Some saree draping tips:

  • Pleat your saree according to your look. Each fabric will have its own pleating need like chiffon is more loose while silk needs to be broad and more regular.
  • Try to avoid flat shoes with your saree looks. Try to use heels to make your look more perfect. Get the right heels for your saree look, make sure it’s not too high or too flat.
  • Level your saree according to your waist size. Not to go too low below the navel or too high. Just level the saree with your navel. Also, level the saree according to your feet and the size of your heel. Avoid to make it ground-meaning.
  • If you have a short height, try to put a thin border plain saree. Wear a plain light-colored saree with a thin border and feel the inches adding up dramatically.
  • Try to avoid too many accessories. You can also style your sarees with statement jewelry. If you are putting gold or costume jewelry, try to put it in a minimal amount. Do not go overboard with your jewelry.
  • You can try a fish-cut petticoat to have a sexy bodyline. Conventional petticoats can make your stomach bulk. Fish cut petticoat defines your bodyline and makes your saree look unique.

Hope all these styling ideas and tips will help you to snatch the party charm. Just style it with proper makeup and accessories and glam the event.