Durga Puja, the most awaited festival for Bengalis. Festival and celebration mean new looks and new styling. Saree is an integral part of Durga Puja, so every Bengali girl wears the authentic red–white saree for at least one day during Puja. Especially our Ashtami or Dashami look must include sarees. Red-white saree is an emotion for Bengalis. So if you have a plan to wear a red-white saree in this puja, then this article is for You. Here we present different white–red saree look for this Durga Puja. Just check this out!

Types of White-Red saree :

  1. Korial:


The most famous and popular white red Bengali saree in Korial. This is crisp white saree with red borders, apparently perfect for your Ashtami look. Whether you are newly married or unmarried, this saree will provide the ultimate traditional look. You can add golden jewelry and red bindi with it and make a casual bun with your hair. Trust me, you will look effortlessly stunning.

  1. Garad:


Garad and Korial are both the same but with a slight difference and guess what, the difference is only recognized by Bengalis. Garad is also white sarees with  red borders, but the saree has lighter borders. The lighter border is also scattered with flower-shaped symbols which make your look more feminine.

  1. Taant:


The most famous saree of Bengal. These sarees are usually woven with the variety of paisley, floral, and other artistic motifs. The most discerning feature of the Taant saree is that it is crisp and stiff than Korial and Garad. Every Bengali woman has at least one saree of Taant in their wardrobe. White –red taant saree is the most ethnic combination for women during Durga Puja.

  1. Dhakai-Muslin:

Muslin sarees are basically the exotic version of Jamdani sarees. This saree is originally from Bangladesh and is quite popular in West Bengal.  These sarees are lightweight and transparent. These red-white sarees are quite popular among Bengalis because of their hand thread work of floral and other amazing designs. Bengali women wore this saree at least once during the Durga Puja. This is also the best pick for Mahalaya  Look( the starting day of this biggest festival).

  1. Dhakai Jamdani:

This saree was originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh, before partition, but they are the definition of ethnicity amongst Bengali women. The word Jamdani refers to the typical style of print or design. It is generally transparent and hands woven too. The fabric of this saree is a mixture of silk and cotton. During Durga Puja, Dhakai Jamdani is the must-wear for women.

  1. Baluchari:   

Want an elegant red-white saree look in this puja? Then Balichari is the best pick for you. This saree is also handwoven and using exquisitely died silk, with gild zari work or other intricate designs. That intricate design depicts Indian mythology on its large pallu. These designs are handwoven and also the border is filled with the design. This is basically an amazing pick for Dashami- the last celebration day of puja.

  1. Murshidabad Silk:

Silk sarees are not only famous but also readily available in the southern part of India too.  But Kolkata and West Bengal have a plethora of lovely silk sarees. Murshidabad silk is the most elegant silk of Bengal. These sarees are lightweight and airy as well.  These kinds of sarees are printed all over the body with pleasing and colorful designs, including the batik print style. Red-white combination of Murshidabad silk is the best pick for any day in Durga Puja.

Ways to style red white sarees:

  1. Add a belt:

Just add a belt with your normal traditional saree look. This is the latest trend now. Drape your saree normally and add a belt that clinches your pallu at the waist. If you want a traditional look, just use a Kamar bandh instead of the belt. Complement your look with a statement blouse like an off-shoulder or cold-shoulder one. This can accumulate your waistline as well. For red –white combination look, you can add a golden belt or kamarbandh as well.

  1. Create a Lehenga Look:

Yes, you heard it right, you can make a lehenga look with your traditional red white saree. Any kind of fancy fabric like silk is perfect to make the lehenga look. This style does not have any pleats in front and this style is very easy to drape even within a short time. Pair your look with the golden traditional accessories and make your look absolutely stunning.

  1. Try Neck drape style:

Want to add a western kick to your conventional White-red saree look? Just drape your pallu around the neck like a dupatta. This style brings attention to your shoulder and collarbones. The length of your pallu should be a little longer to achieve the look. This style is ideal for tall women. This style can be paired with a full sleeve blouse with a deeper neck.

  1. The authentic ‘aatpoure’ style:


Bengali ‘aat-poure’ style is the perfect style to drape red-white saree at Durga Puja. The unique feature of this styling is, there are no pleats in the front. Tant( the Bengal fabric) is the perfect match for this style. Use any gorgeous color of saree to achieve the look, you can also use a white saree with the bold red border. Use bold and gold jewelry to complement this look.

  1. Butterfly style:


This style can help you to achieve a slimmer and fitter look. If you want to look fit and skinny this style is your perfect match. Achieving this style is not that hard. This style only requires extra thin pleats of your pallu. You also need to pin your pallu at the back of your shoulder.  This look will be enhanced if you use a silky fabric that defines your pleats like the opalescent wings of a butterfly.

Some saree draping tips:

  • Pleat your saree according to your look. Each fabric will have its own pleating need like chiffon is more loose while silk needs to be broad and more regular.
  • Try to avoid flat shoes with your saree looks. Try to use heels to make your look more perfect. Get the right heels for your saree look, make sure it’s not too high or too flat.
  • Level your saree according to your waist size. Not to go too low below the navel or too high. Just level the saree with your navel. Also, level the saree according to your feet and the size of your heel. Avoid making it ground-meaning.
  • If you have a short height, try to put a thin border plain saree. Wear a plain light-colored saree with a thin border and feel the inches adding up dramatically.
  • Try to avoid too many accessories. You can also style your sarees with statement jewelry. If you are putting gold or costume jewelry, try to put it in a minimal amount. Do not go overboard with your jewelry.
  • You can try a fish-cut petticoat to have a sexy bodyline. Conventional petticoats can make your stomach bulk. Fish cut petticoat defines your bodyline and makes your saree look unique.
  • Try to put gold jewelry with your Bengali ethnic look.


So, ladies, this puja try to flaunt in your red white saree with these unique looks. Also, you can share your red-white saree styling tips with us too. If you want to look different from the last year then try one of the looks mentioned above, you will surely be the main attraction of the gathering then.