Beauty Products are hounding up in the market one after another. Each one screams to be taken home and tried out. Each promises better skin and we are left confused, not knowing what we are looking for or end up buying what we don’t need.

Similar is the dilemma faced by buyers before deciding between face serum or face oil.
Some believe these can be used interchangeably and are similar products.
Let us break these down one by one for you below.


Face Serum & Face Oil

Don’t we all take extreme precautions before using a face product? We research, read reviews, look up the product on the web and what not. If you were confused between face serum and face oil, you have come to the right place.
There are about a gazillion varieties of products to choose from so many brands. Face Serum is increasingly becoming more and more popular and a choice of the people. However, some cannot pick between a face serum or face oil as they are clear about what they are and how to use it.

Face Serums are among the top rated beauty products right now. These are skin care products which contain water like particles to satisfy specific skin requirements. The price range differs but they can be a bit pricey. So, you might want to choose wisely before buying.

Face Oils are just as efficient as face serum but they promote overall well being of skin. One uses face oil after a long day when they wish to pamper their skin and undo the harms caused due to pollution and exposure to the external environment or can be used with makeup as well. These are usually extracted from seeds.

Given below are the some of the key differences between face serum and face oil-



➔ If you are struggling with a particular skin issue like wrinkles, dryness, oily, blackheads, whiteheads, acne etc then targeted face serums are about to become your best friend. They work wonders on skin and one can see the results within days of applying it.
➔ If you are looking for a moisturizer before applying makeup serums can be used after exfoliating the skin. As you apply serum, wait for a few minutes for it to get absorbed before applying makeup. They provide an extra layer between skin and products and hence protecting the skin.
➔ Some serums work the best during night while others during the day. So, it’s better to know the product and it’s requirements before buying.



Different skin types need different products and these products have some key ingredients which are beneficial. You can look for specific products which have these as the key ingredient in large quantities.

These are listed below according to the skin type-
● For hydrating and dry skin, look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and ceramides. You can also go for botanicals like Aloe Vera and Cucumber as a key ingredient.
● For oily skin, Vitamin B3 will work to control the oil.
● For aging and wrinkle free skin, Retinol and Vitamin C can help with the cell turnover.
● For dark spots, select serum which contains kojic acid, licorice, azelaic acid, mulberry extract and niacinamide.
● For glowing skin, vitamin C helps to radiate and provide a glowing skin.
● For aging, wrinkly and loose skin, antioxidants, peptides, acai, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea extracts, distilled argan oil are the ingredients you should be looking for.
● For overall better skin, a fruity and natural extracts serum can be used. It not only eliminates the hassle of applying peels on skin but also makes it easier and easily carryable.



Here are some things one must keep in mind before going for these products-
● It is always advisable to consult your dermatologist before trying on new products.
● Both face serum and oil are generally used for moisturizing purposes so it’s always better to keep your options open for moisturizers as well.
● Keep your skin target in mind while buying products. Not only will it help you to pick specific products but also keep you on budget as well.
● Serums may not necessarily solve your skin problems. Sometimes, acne and breakouts are the result of deteriorating mental health and stress. Times like these a therapist can prove to be better.
● Do not use too many products one after the other at the same time. Some ingredients can have a reverse reaction.



It is not mandatory to choose either face serum or oil. One can use neither, either or both at the same time.
As face serum is thinner than face oil it will go first followed by oil. Here’s the order one should follow while using both and applying makeup-
Cleanser -> Toner -> Face Serum -> Moisturizer -> Face Oil



Serums and Oils both are very effective and efficient. What makes one product more useful is the reason why you need it. If it’s target based, serums are the one whereas if it’s for moisturizing purposes, either one can be used. If it’s for deep moisturization and protection from the external environment, face oils are the ones you need.

It is very important to know your skin requirements, skin type and then decide.
It may take you a while to find the perfect product which suits you but it will all be worth it when you do find the product which is your ‘the one’ product.