The lockdown phase in this COVID-19 scenario has been challenging for all of us not just health-wise but also mentally and financially. Locked inside our homes, with so much happening around has surely changed our every day’s lifestyle. But as they say “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining”, so there are few good things that we could do in this lockdown like Spending Quality Time with Family, focusing our shift to Health more, nurturing skills which we never explored before & so on.

Come let’s find out what most of the people have been doing in this lockdown and see how many of them are matching with your list!



Working from Home

A new culture of working from home irrespective of the industry you are working for has been introduced in this lockdown. Yes, that was the need of the hour. As schools & colleges started conducting online classes, students and teachers had to adapt to this new method of teaching and learning. In every domain, office work started at home. So work-life at home has also been a thing in lockdown. Creating your own work-corner at home and not being distracted have all been a part of it. Zoom, Google Meet & other apps are widely used now for meetings, classes, conferences etc.



Watching Movies and OTT Series

Binge-watching our favorite or some new web series and movies are the most common thing we all have been doing during the lockdown. Spending most of the time in front of our screens has become a daily routine. We all waited and watched the most awaited web series like ‘Mirzapur 2’ and hyped after watching Harshad Mehta’s story in ‘Scam 1992’.



What was your favorite web series during the lockdown?



Binge Eating and Cooking

With Binge-watching comes Binge eating! Cooking and Eating are the main things we have been doing in the lockdown.

Either to pass our time or may be because our house-helps were not available, most of us indulged in Cooking. We all took lockdown as an opportunity to undertake new recipes to kill our cravings for tasty food by being at home. Baking cakes or cookies have also been part of our list. Furthermore, people started to flaunt their cooking skills on social media and share various recipes and pictures.

And of course with so much cooking going on, Binge-Eating has to happen. Homemade pizzas, biriyani, desserts and so much more, the food chart has been really long this lockdown.



Doing Household Chores

During the lockdown period, most of us had to do the household works from cleaning the house, washing the utensils, or cooking because House maids could not come for work as well. But one good thing is that this lockdown has cut down all the gender preferences as even men were doing the regular household works. In a way, this situation has even done some good for society as well.



Spending Quality Time with Family and Friends

It has been the best time to spend quality time with our families. Whether it is through playing Ludo & some indoor games with them or having meals together or watching news and movies together, families could give each other real good time. Furthermore, people are using their social media sites as a way to communicate with their loved ones by sharing photos/videos and video calls which is ultimately resulting in reducing a lot of stress from people’s lives.

As per the reports, it is noticed that 42% of users felt less pressure in posting real themselves through social media sites.




Many women have been indulging in gardening be it in their lawns or balconies. Ordering new gardening tools online, growing flowers of your choice and seasons really have been giving a lot of people happiness. Balcony Decoration Pictures of plant decoration have been trending throughout lockdown on social medias.



Taking Care of Physical and Mental Health

A healthy mind makes a healthy body. Maintaining mental peace is a big issue in hard times like these, rising corona cases bring a lot of stress and tension among all of us. But giving up is not an option, so we should focus on our mental health too.

Yoga & Meditation is really soulful and helpful for both physical and mental health. And many People worldwide took this lockdown as an opportunity to start practicing Yoga & Meditation at home for their Health and Inner Peace. YouTube Videos have been a great guide for Beginners.

Working out at Home had become a part of daily routine for many. Gyms and fitness centers have been closed, people could not go out and of course the worry of hygiene and safety have been on top of the mind. In this situation, working out at home has the best possible way to remain fit.



Try your hands on Painting

Many of us love to do paintings, but with our busy schedule we hardly get time for this. So this lockdown gave many people chance to do paintings and relax their frustrations and stress.

Drawing & Coloring have helped to keep children occupied as for kids also this has been a tough time with no going out to schools, meeting their friends or attending other activity classes.



Self -Care

Self-love is a priority and self-care is a way to show it. Caring for yourself gets neglected when our lives become busy. So this was a good time to get into the habit of self-care.

Skincare is essential all throughout the year which many of us do not do. But many people have been giving time to follow a proper skincare routine in this lockdown whether it is making and using homemade face packs, not forgetting the sunscreen lotion even at home or trying to get rid of those stress breakouts of their skin.

Healthy Diet: Many of us tried to start a healthy diet routine in the lockdown as well by including more nutrition and protein in our daily meals. From drinking hot water or kaadha we all have been doing a lot because improving our immunity has been need of the hour.



Adding to our Home Decor

Since lockdown, many women are getting time to decorate their homes with useful things and antiques. They have been concentrating on making their homes look even more beautiful and satisfying. Rearranging things at home or ordering new home decor items online had helped many women to remain busy.



Social Media

Being active on social media is another way to pass our times since this lockdown. People have connected more with their friends and relatives through social media. Giving updates or posting pictures and videos of our activities online have been a regular affair. This has helped many people to reduce stress during this tough situation.



Other Skills

Stitching & Making Handmade Products: Women started stitching like making dresses, and masks. Many people started to learn art and craft and are making new things like doormats, bracelets, and handmade stuff and they also made beautiful flowers with the help of plastic bottles and made colorful candles. In addition to this, some women opened their online businesses and earned online.


Learning new languages Many who love to learn new things are even learning new languages with the help of online courses like French, Spanish, etc. Furthermore, there are so many books which can help to speak and learn other languages.


Reading: Reading is an addiction for many of us. Books can hold you for hours, so surely this helped many bookworms to pass their times. Blogs and e-books are friends of plenty as well.

We pray that this pandemic ends soon and everything goes back to normal. But we must continue doing the good things that we learnt or started doing in this lockdown be it cutting down the gender inequality in society when it comes to doing household chores, maintaining a healthy lifestyle or giving time to family.
Well, no matter how hard the situation is, we all must always try to remain positive and make the most of it.