Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone is launching a lifestyle brand, with beauty and skincare set to be first on the category. The first product will roll out in 2022  and will be simultaneously influenced by Padukone’s Indian origins and declared as ‘backed by science’ according to a press release. The name of the brand has not been revealed yet. According to a statement, the first category of the launch will focus primarily on beauty and skincare products. Padukone, who has over 100 million followers on social media said that her lifestyle brand will be,” rooted in India but will have indispensable global reach and appeal, much like her own professional and personal journey”.

Deepika Padukone: the queen of Bollywood:

Deepika Padukone entered the Hindi film industry in 2007, with Farah Khan’s ‘Om Shanti Om’ opposite Bollywood’s King Sharukh Khan. After Om Shanti Om, Deepika’s filmography had names like ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’, ‘Chadni Chawk to China’, which was labeled her ‘ mannequin–like’ or only ornamental for films. Her image as an actor gets polished after featuring in Imtiaz Ali’s ‘ Love Aj kal’. After  ‘ Love Aj Kal’ , Deepika faced a string of flops in the years in between before resurfacing like a phoenix in 2012 by the movie ‘Cocktail’.  Post Cocktail Deepika was paced with several hits. While some have had the rare privilege of being both a success commercially and being applauded critically. Deepika always cared about her performance and the quality of the script. She strongly believes in the impact of the movie on the human mind as well as society. While talking about the impact of her film on society, she commented, “I feel that now, more than ever before for me, the success of a movie is really about the impact it is able to have on people’s lives. Are we able to change mindsets? Are we able to make an impact? And don’t get me wrong, not every story needs to be hard-hitting. It could be a simple emotion, like joy or love. As long as it makes you feel something, think (about) something, and evoke emotions. I think, for me, that truly is the meter of success. Also, the film should have longevity. A film that I would want to watch 10 years from now, for me, is a success”.

Deepika Padukone: as a global superstar:


Deepika Padukone’s debut in Hollywood through an action movie named XXX: Return of Xander Cage (2017), in which Padukone played the lead female role of Serene Unger, opposite Vin Diesel. Movie lovers found her acting mind-blowing and effortless too. While talking about her journey in Bollywood, Deepika said, “The world is waking up to the new talent. Having said that, it is all about whether an actor suits a role or not. An actor should be cast in a movie only if his or her talent brings something unique to the table. I don’t think an actor’s religion, gender, or the region he or she belongs to, should be the reason to sign him or her for a film”. She has admitted that the journey in Hollywood was not easy at all and said, “Initially, I didn’t feel like I was ready to take up an international project. I have always followed my heart and my instinct. It is up to you to say yes or no to a role that doesn’t excite you. The films I was offered earlier didn’t excite me. I was offered films in the past too, but they just didn’t feel right. I have always followed my heart and my instinct”.  Apart from movies, she was also featured in Variety’s International Women’s Impact Report 2021. The report honored  50 women across the globe for their impact on their respective fields. On that honor, Deepika said, “Humbled & Honoured to be featured in Variety’s International Women’s Impact Report 2021. Fortunately, I’ve never had to make decisions based on the budget of a film or for various other reasons. It also depends on where I am emotionally in my life. A lot of my choices are dictated by that”. Recently, Deepika Padukone will be starring in an upcoming international film. The film is yet untitled cross-cultural romantic comedy. STX film, a division of Eros STX Global Corporation announced the company is developing a romantic comedy for Deepika. The announcement was made on Tuesday by Adam Fogelson, chairman of STXfilms  Motion Picture Group. The studio is also in negotiations with Temple Hill Productions Wyck Godfrey and producer Marty Bowen, known for famous films like ‘The fault in Our Stars’, ‘Love Simon’ and ‘Twilight’ Franchise.  Deepika will also produce the upcoming film under her Ka Productions banner.  Issac Lkausner is overseeing the project of Temple Hill.

About  Deepika’s  lifestyle brand:


Deepika has spilled the details about her new venture on social media,  but the name of the brand will be expected to roll out in 2022. Commenting on the launch Padukone said in a statement, “India, I believe, has always been positioned uniquely. While we have tremendous access to the rest of the world, we are a country that is rich in values, culture, and heritage; something we are extremely proud of. Therefore, our endeavor is to build a brand that is rooted in India yet global in its reach and appeal.” Deepika’s achievements have made her one of the most influential voices amongst global audiences and consumers in recent times. Her leadership in raising mental health awareness, with a focus on stress anxiety, and depression, has massively helped in busting myths and breaking the stigma for mental illnesses in recent society. This work has brought her the prestigious World Economic Forum Crystal Award in 2019.


With the starting of her new journey as an entrepreneur, she is soaring high in her work front too. Deepika will be starring in 83 by Kabir Khan which will be produced under the banner of Ka Production. Deepika will be also featured in the forthcoming Hindi adaption of the Hollywood film ‘The Intern’.   Apart from these, she will also be featured in a film by Shakun Batra under Dharma Production and Siddharth  Anand’s action. Deepika is currently the global brand ambassador for Denim giant, Levis and the face of many other national and international brands. Indeed, her fans are quite more excited to see what to offer in her own lifestyle brand.