Missing your chai talks with your friends? Missing your chaya kadas and small debates in this lockdown? Well, Club House is the digital solution for your problem. Audio, which has been considered outdated is now back through Club House. Club House made audio stylish and is now ruling the online social networks.

People who were confined to their homes in lockdown embraced Club House. People were able to share their ideas, talk with their friends and relive their life before lockdown.




What is it?

Club House is an audio-based social media where people from all around the globe gather together to talk, discuss, listen and learn. It is an invite-only social platform that is based solely on audio. The interaction through voice was considered old-fashioned by the arrival of video calls, conferences, etc. But it is time for a comeback. The lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic paved a way for the rise of Club House and 2020 was lucky enough to become a stage for it.

Club House is created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. It was developed by Alpha Exploration CO. The app was first launched in Apple devices running iOS in 2020 and later in 2021, it was available in beta version in Android.




Club House describes itself as an invite-only social media platform. As the description, to join the Club House you require an invite from the already existing user. Club House helped the people to get different perspectives about a concept or a situation. The discussion we watch on the television or online news is from the same group of people. But contrary to that Club House allowed the common people to discuss, argue and learn new perspectives and solutions for the situation. It also became a platform for friends to get together. People started to share their experiences. This freedom of the app is what drew the users to it.


How does it work?

The base of Club House is audio. Audio is the only communication medium in this application. You can’t text or share pictures or videos. The audio communication of this app makes it more human. In messaging emotions, expressions, and meanings of words could get lost. But in the case of Club House, the words can be expressed in their true emotions.

People can create virtual rooms to discuss their ideas through audio. Rooms can be open, closed, or social. Open rooms allow any users to join the room. To join a closed room, the users require an invitation from the moderator. Social rooms are only accessible to the users who are followed by the moderators. Stage, followed by the speakers, others in the room are the 3 sections in a room. The user who creates the room is the moderator. The moderator coordinates the room. He can invite a user to the stage, mute users, and remove speakers from the stage. A user can only start speaking if the moderator allows him after he clicks on the “raise hand” icon. One can leave the room, as he wishes by clicking the “leave quietly” button.

Conversations can be preplanned by the users. An event can be scheduled to conduct such discussions. Name of the event. place and date can be decided and set by the creator. The scheduled events are added to the Clubhouse bulletin. If a user has created 3 rooms successfully, the creator can join the Club. Clubs are the communities of the creators in Club House.




Why such a buzz?

Club House came into the global scenario when Elon Musk appeared in The Good Time Show on February 1The chat was held by Sriram Krishna, the general partner of Andreesen Horowitz. After Elon showing up, the number of registered users rose to 60 lakhs in one week.

Paul Davison, the founder of Club House commented about Elon Musk showing up, “We were given the short notice, just to get the servers ready. But with someone who is as busy and well known as Elon, you never really know if it’s going to happen! There was all this excitement and anticipation in the community beforehand. People were forming rooms for hours and lining up to try and get into the room when it started. So, it’s something that really speaks to the power of Live and Interactive. Think about how different it would have been if Elon Musk was just recording a podcast. It would have had a very different feeling. But this idea that you can be in the room and you never know what’s going to happen next: that’s just so human and so exciting.”




After the appearance of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook founder and many other famous personalities started showing up in Club House. Club House evolved to a platform for comedy, innovative ideas, religious customs, beliefs, etc.

The founders of Club House Paul Davison and Rohan Seth said that they were intrigued and surprised by the creative usage of Club House. To the interviewer who asked, “What is the craziest the wackiest thing that you both have seen on Club House?” Paul Davison answered, “There was a wedding, the other day, which I think a lot of people really enjoyed. I didn’t get to see that one.” Rohan Seth answered, “A few months ago,40 people just met each other on Clubhouse, and decided to host an entire production of The Lion King, the musical. They did the voices, sound effects and then they changed their profile photos so that scene would change behind them. It was just one of the most creative things I have ever seen.” In India, people started using Club House for politics, religion, and other innovative ideas. Club House is also more like an evening talking platform, where people just talk about random subjects. Be it food, song, films, or humor, people started to get obsessed with the app. “People started play Antakshari.” said an active user.




The founders, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth said that highly required features will be added eventually. They said that they might be changing the invite-only feature. The app might be implementing direct payment to the creators eventually.


Like every other app, Club House also has its drawbacks. People started to sabotage the app by bullying and criticize people. But for a fun lockdown, Club House is the best.