Parenting is a tough job and doing it all alone is terrific. But, do you know? Many people in Bollywood have taken the decision of raising their children all by themselves and trust me; they have done a great job. Today they are proud single mothers with their well-grown kids. Let me introduce some of the super talented and gorgeous single mothers of B-town. Just check it out!


  • Neena Gupta


People who are used to watching Bollywood movies and Hindi television must know this name. Neena Gupta is an actress and television director known to break all stereotypical boundaries like a boss. Neena Gupta is not just an actor but an example for every woman. Gupta has been courageous enough to take risks in a patriarchal society. She raised her daughter designer Masaba Gupta as a single mother. Gupta was scorned and criticized badly by several sections of society for her decision to be a single mother. While talking about her decision of being a single mother, Gupta said, “I would not have a child outside marriage. Every child needs both parents. I was always honest with Masaba, so it did not affect our relationship, but I know she suffered. Not having but accepting and standing by Masaba out of wedlock was the most difficult part.” A lot of people told me at that time – “we will marry you so that your child gets a name”. Naturally, we lead a normal life but single moms always have a desire for a normal and simple lifestyle.  But amidst all the difficulties and challenges, Gupta proves herself as a single mother.


  • Sushmita Sen


Sushmita Sen is not just the name of an actress but a definition of grace and power. She is the first woman who put India on the world’s map of fashion. Every girl has a dream to be a mother. Miss Sen is not an exception in this case. Miss Sen chose to be a single mother. At the age of 24, she adopted a girl child and named her Renee. In India, it is not at all easy for a woman to embrace her parenthood through adoption. But Sushmita Sen smashed all the myths and stereotypical thoughts regarding adoption by being a single parent of her girl child. Her second child Alisah came to her in 2010 after a long court fight. According to our Indian rule, a person could not adopt a daughter after a daughter. The person needs to adopt a son after having an adopted daughter. But this rule cannot stop Sen from having her second child. She fought a long battle for 10 years to have custody of her second child. For people, Sen’s adoption is a great act of kindness but for Sen, “The wisest decision I made at the age of 24 was to become a mother. It stabilized my life. People think it was a great act of charity and wonderful action but it was self-preservation. It was me protecting myself.” Like other moms, Sen has certain dreams for her child. She proved that motherhood can be embraced at any age and one doesn’t need a man to complete it. 


  • Amrita Singh


Amrita Singh, a popular name in the 80s has shown the courage to cut off the name from the Pataudi family and make her identity as a single mother. She tied her knot with actor, Saif Ali Khan and has two children with him named Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. She separated from Saif in the year 2002 following which she has been taking care for her own children. Amrita Singh is a great example and a good friend of both Sara and Ibrahim. Today Sara and Ibrahim are grown up and make her mother proud. Sara, who has successfully made her debut in Bollywood, is spitting images of her with her dearest mommy. The mother-daughter duo shares a great bond. In an interview, Amrita’s gorgeous daughter Sara said, “My mother is a huge part of who I am. I look up to her a lot. It is not necessarily about being a star kid but about being her daughter. She has always led her life in a very simple and real way…and it is not because she has been an actor but because even before she became an actor, she was this ‘bindaas’ and honest person. I have lived with her for 23 years, so I hope some of it has rubbed off me.”


  • Karishma Kapoor


People who are aware of Bollywood spicy news would know that Karishma Kapoor handled her divorce from her husband Sanjay Kapoor in a dignified manner. Karishma retained full custody of their kids Samaira and Kiaan Raj. She has raised her kids single-handedly and often seen attending school activities too. Today Samaira is grown up to be a strong, beautiful lady, just like her mother and Kiaan Raj is growing up to be a handsome man. Karishma is often seen sharing her pictures and videos with her kids on social media.  Karishma also made her comeback in Bollywood through a web series named Mentalhood, in 2020, focused on different aspects of motherhood. Karishma Kapoor’s pride as a single mother is reflected in her comments too. “Just because you are a single parent, you do not need to make up for the spouse’s love by buying your child everything they want. Be firm on what you can give and what you do not want to give. Set clear boundaries, timings, structures, and routines. Keep to the same schedule and pattern as to when you were married”- said Karishma Kapoor in an interview while flaunting her life as a single mother.


  • Raveena Tandon



Raveena Tandon was the first person to break the stigma of the single parent by adopting two daughters in 1995. Chhaya and Pooja are the two daughters of Tandon. Raveena adopted them when she was just 21. The stunning diva believes that adopting these young angels was the best decision of her life. Both the girls grew up well and are happily married now. In an interview, Tandon revealed that when she was adopting then she didn’t feel that being 21 years old would be a matter. She cherished each and every moment she has shared with them, from taking them into arms for the first time to walking them in the aisle. In another interview, while talking about her motherhood and the equation with her child, she said, “From the time I held the girls’ hands when we were taking our first flight, to walking them down the aisle, to holding my first grandchild in my arms, every moment has been priceless. They love my biological children, Rasha and Ranbirvardhan. They pay it forward by being kind to others. Every Mother’s Day the girls send me cards and letters saying how much they love me. What more can any mother ask for?” Film Connection- a New York-based school has approached Raveena Tandon to narrate her story of motherhood through a documentary based on her life, which shall outline the journey of her parenthood.


So who is your favorite single mom in B-town? Being a single mother is like riding a roller coaster but in the end, your feet touch the ground and everything will be alright. So, if you are thinking of being a single parent just go for it.