Do you have a passion for Food? Do you have what it takes to not follow the mainstream and follow your heart? If so, continue reading and I promise we won’t disappoint you.

Food Lovers, this one’s for you.

Engineers and Doctors are flooding in India and we want you to do what makes you YOU. Be an engineer on the mechanics of food and a doctor in dissecting the food and understanding it’s composition. Hasn’t 2020 taught us that life is too short to be spending in an office doing a 9 to 5 job which you are not even passionate about.

Food Industry is evergreen and will always be. Even Forbes Magazine recognized this when it listed Food & Beverage 6th in ‘Top 10 in which Billionaires made their Fortune’ and Business Insider ranked it 4th in ‘Career Field That Makes The Most Billionaires’.

Whether it is for the love of food, money or fame, the Food Industry has blooming career opportunities and is a provides all three.

Here are some of the career prospects you can consider if you wish to get in the Food Industry-

  1. Food Critic

Remember, Anton Ego?? The critic from the movie Ratatouille. That could be you.

A Food Critic analyses and tastes a wide variety of food and writes reviews on various platforms like newspapers, magazines, blogs etc. They analyse all restaurants in towns and give them a rating which helps tourists and citizens decide where they wish to eat.

A Food Critic must be unbiased and maintain a low profile so as to receive the same treatment as any other customer. Food Critics start as a freelancer and as they publish more and more articles, they get recognition.

  1. Dietician

Dieticians are health experts who provide dietary plans to patients and supervise their nutritional and food intake. They promote knowledge about healthy eating habits and are involved in Research too. There are different types of dietitian positions like clinical dietitians, community dietitians, management dietitians, and consultant dietitians.

In the era of the Internet, where Eating Disorders and Depression are the consequences of being on social media, the role and importance of Dieticians becomes even more significant day by day.

  1. Flavorists

Flavorists recognize the demand of the public and engineer new flavours and essence. Flavorists are graduated in the fields of chemistry, biology, food science etc. One has to use scientific tools and mix it with creativity to get the desired flavour. Flavorists use their deep knowledge of essential oils, aromas, botanical extracts, and essences to recreate and intensify flavors from nature. They also create whole new flavors that people have only dreamed of.

  1. Food Photographers

Advertisements, Hoardings, Pamphlets are filled with mouth watering food to lure you to eat there. One can get hungry simply by looking at the pictures and clips. These are photographed by expert photographers. Professional food photography is a collaborative effort, usually involving an art director, a photographer, a food stylist, a prop stylist and their assistants. These pictures are used in TV, Newspaper advertisements and Hoardings as well.

  1. Food Stylist

How the Food is presented makes the utmost difference. A simple food can be made to appear a lot more attractive and mouth watering simply by presenting it well. Food Stylists keep a check on aesthetics and colour to make the food look better and more appealing.

  1. Quality Assurance Supervisor

A Quality Assurance Supervisor is responsible for checking the quality and standard of food before releasing it in the market. Big Corporates employ them in large numbers to supervise and keep an eye on the quality of food. One needs skills like leadership, analytical and communication skills for this job profile.

  1. Chef

A Chef is the one who prepares and cooks food before sending it to the customers. They are responsible for making menu items and handling kitchen and other employees. There are several kinds of chefs like sous-chef, chef de partie and they are distinguished based on their tasks, responsibilities and seniority.

  1. Chocolatiers

Yes, you heard it right.

Chocolatiers are like a specialist chef in that particular food. They may work in big commercials or in retail shops as well. They are able to think creatively and come up with new products every once in a while. These may also be referred to as candy makers.

  1. Mycologist

A mycologist is someone who works with fungi, which are living organisms such as molds, yeast, and mushrooms. Their research focuses on the diversity and evolution of mushroom-forming fungi. They mostly work in Research and Industries, Mycologist Farming like mushroom farming.

  1. Cooking Instructor

A Cooking Instructor can give their lessons online or offline. Their work place can range from teaching in Universities, bakeries and in the comfort of their own homes. They give their lessons on youtube and various other platforms.

  1. Restaurant Manager

A Restaurant Manager is responsible for the smooth and proper functioning of the staff, employees and making the experience of customers better. They manage the restaurant and make sure that everyone completes their tasks properly.

  1. Open your own restaurant 

Working for yourself and being your own boss is what the corporate sector doesn’t provide. Because of this most people quit to start their own business venture. Your restaurant can range from a 5 star hotel to a food truck depending upon the capital. Either one of those are a hit among the localities.

  1. Farming

As more and more people are using various toxins like pesticides and rodenticides in their farms, Organic Farming is getting more and more in demand. All hotels and restaurants want fresh and healthy vegetables. One can get huge orders for the same as well if only you can assure the quality of the vegetables.

These were among the top professions in the Food Industry and I hope it helped you make a choice what you would love to pursue.