A baby is on its way and we can’t help but help you throw the best baby shower. Continue reading to know more baby showers and baby shower ideas.


What is a Baby Shower?

A Baby Shower is a get together organised by a friend, family, distant relative or sometimes moms-to-be too. It’s a celebration to welcome the baby and prepare for the life ahead. It can be celebrated anytime during the pregnancy phase but we recommend doing it early during the pregnancy so that moms can enjoy wholeheartedly. It includes various fun activities, games and chilling with the couple that is expecting the baby.

Where is a Baby Shower held?

Baby Showers can be held indoors as well as outdoors. Lawns, Parks, Restaurants, Living Rooms and Terrace are some of the common places to hold Baby Showers. You can, of course, get creative and celebrate it in a place of your choice as well and customize it accordingly. For example- A travelling couple may customize the party according to their life and passion.

Who is Invited?

Baby Showers are very private and small gatherings. So, your family, close friends and and their spouses are included in the guest list. You can even add a few of your colleagues and relatives. Baby Showers are all about creativity and personalizing it according to the parents.

Now that we have dealt with the basics, here are some of baby shower ideas you should consider taking inspiration from-

  • A Disney Themed Party

Disney Themed Parties are the traditional way of doing it. Disney never gets old or too clichè. Babies are all for Disney’s and so am I. You can even customize it according to the gender of the baby. Use any Disney character and build the theme according to their niche. For example- If it’s a Beauty and the Beast theme, make sure to include props which one associates with the movie like a castle, animated candlestick etc.








  • A Tea Party

A Tea Party is the perfect way to celebrate. Bring out the china, lay down the tablecloth and point out your pinky finger to get the party started. You can name the party ‘Lets Partea’ pun intended.


  • All White theme

White can never go out of style. It always leaves us in awe and praise. White will perfectly complement the location you have chosen and attire as well. White screams grandeur and elegance. Be sure to wear a dark outfit to stand out and be the centre of everyone’s attention.



  • Peter Pan In Neverland theme

Peter Pan is a very famous character from Disney. If you are expecting a baby boy, this is the perfect theme. Make the theme dreamy and take it to a world of fantasy with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Use a lot of fairy lights and glitter to give it the perfect look.



  • Busy as a Bee theme

If you don’t want to know the gender of the baby and want it to be a surprise, Busy As A Bee has the perfect neutral decorations you need. You can decorate with bee hives made from wood and serve food in it. It looks breathtaking when the decorations all come together.


  • Minimalist theme

Minimalists are stealing the show and if minimalism is what you vibe with then this theme is perfect for you. It gives the party a very simple yet sophisticated outlook.


  • Fall theme

If you are expecting your baby around the Fall or it’s fall when you are celebrating, the Fall theme will make you fall in love with its colours and vibrancy. Include a lot of Brown, Yellow and Orange decorations to give it the finished look. You can even use a Fall Leaf made from paper to give it a preppy look.


  • Into the Woods

Into the Woods is the perfect cottage core theme you are looking for. You can decorate with wood pieces and hanging plants. It will give the party a very relaxing and joyous vibe. You can make a tent and cover it with plants to give it a forest look. You can use decorative props like axes made of thermocol, animals peeking from furniture etc.



  • Pink and Blue Theme

One can go for the traditional Pink and Blue theme according to the gender of the baby or even use both! These may have been used for a long time as baby shower themes but everytime one swoons looking at the party it gives everyone a warm feeling.



  • Down the Rabbit’s Hole Theme

If you are a literature lover or just enjoy ‘Alice in Wonderland’ this is the theme you are looking for. This novel is filled with colourful characters and will give you enough material to decorate and fill the room. You can even change it to a classic novel, series or movie you thoroughly enjoyed.


What Gifts should you bring?

A Baby Shower is mainly thrown to make the new couple, who must be scared, comfortable and to help them make preparations for the baby coming. One should bring gifts for the baby and/or the mom to be. Gifts for babies can include diapers, clothes, toys, baby creams and oils etc. Gifts for the mom to be can include maternal dress, warm water bag, a belly supportive cloth etc.

Apart from these, one can give advice to the couple on what to expect, how to react and help them ease the tensions.

This covered most of the Baby Shower Ideas we came across. Pick the theme which speaks to you and make decorations according to it. Include fun games, food, hangout areas and take the most that you can. You can even customize the gifts according to it. All the themes will look amazing on any location be it indoors or outdoors. Have fun and we can’t wait to see your pictures!