Temples are quite commonplace for Indians. Almost 80% of lanes and bylanes of India contain a temple.  The rituals in temples are quite normal too. But do you know there are some temples in India which have weird rituals and strange deities as well? Yes, this kind of temple does exist in India. Here are the 7 most unusual temples in India you should definitely visit at least once in life. Just check it out!


 1. The Chinese Kali Bari (Temple), Kolkata:

This sounds crazy, right? But it actually exists in Kolkata. The Chinese Kali Bari is situated in Tangra Chinatown of Kolkata.  The temple is 60 years old and every single Chinese family of Tangra has donated money to build the temple. According to local people, once a 10-year-old boy becomes critically ill and not responding to any treatment.  Her parents then started praying to Goddess Kali and offered their prayers to a stone under a tree. Miraculously, within a few days, the child started recovering and was back on his feet soon. The graceful parents then built the temple at the site and established goddess kali here. Lord Shiva is also worshipped here Along with the goddess Kali. But the twist is in Bhog or Prasadam of the temple. The temple is taken care of by local Chinese communities. They offered noodles, chop suey, and ramen to goddess Kali as Bhog. Unbelievable right? The day-to-day rituals are conducted according to Hindu rites. Arati is also performed twice a day like other Hindu temples. The worshipping process includes some typical Chinese rituals too. The pranam is done in a quite different way here and even they burn the handmade paper to ward off evil spirits. You can sense the power of faith and beliefs here. So, if you want to experience this incredible sign of devotion and harmony, then head straight up here.




2. The Amitabh Bachchan Temple, Kolkata:

Sounds crazy, right? But if you are a Bollywood fan then you should definitely go and visit this temple once. Kolkata has a temple dedicated to living legend, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. This temple is the sheer proof of Big B’s legendary popularity and fandom. This temple is situated at 10 A Shri, Dhar Road Kustia. The temple is like any other temple in India with amazing interiors and a pious atmosphere. The temple was made by a crazy fan of Big B in 2017. Entire artwork and maintenance are done by All Bengal Amitabh Bachchan Fan’s Association. Here Mr. Bachchan is worshiped exactly like God by his devotees and even the huge banner engraved ‘Jai Amitabh Bachchan’ will greet you at the entrance. The idol of the temple is similar to his legendary Sarkar look. This temple also preserved the shoes he wore in the film Deewar. Also, this place presents the iconic journey of Big B through photographs which include his present images too. The worshipping rituals are exactly similar to other temples of Kolkata. People even bow down in reverence at the gate of this temple. This mandir also has a regular purohit (pandit) too, who used to dress in Sarkar’s attire during worshipping the idol. So, if you are a die heart fan of Angry Young man, then just experience this place. You will definitely preserve a lifetime memory.




3. The Bullet Baba temple, Jodhpur:

Yes, you heard it right, the deity of this temple is none other than a Royal Enfield Bullet. The temple also has an amazing back story.  In 1988, Om Singh Rathore owned this bike, and one day he met with an accident on the Poli-Jodhpur Highway, near Chotila village. Om Singh passed away on the spot and his bike fell into a ditch. For investigation, police brought the bike to the police station but the next day the bike was missing and found in the accident spot again. Even after repeated attempts by the police, the bike always returns to the accident place by itself. This unusual incident made the villagers believe that Rathore was still live on the bike even after his death. The villagers have constructed a temple at the accident site and named it ‘Bullet Baba Temple’. This temple is frequently visited by people who wish for a long and safe journey by vehicle. So, if you want to witness this ‘Bullet baba’ just visit this temple once.




4. Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan:

Karni Mata Temple is situated in Bikaner, Rajasthan and it is a home for over 20,000 rats. Weird right? But this place actually exists in India. These 20,000 rats were by devotees here. The obsession with rats is also justified by an epic story. Karni Mata’s stepson drowned in Kapil Sarovar. Despite begging her son’s life to Yama( the god of death, Karni Mata’s prayers remained unanswered. Eventually, Yama capitulated and agreed to Karni Mata’s wishes. This came with a caveat- all her children including her son would be born as rats. Rats freely roam here in the compound and are considered auspicious. So, if you are not afraid of rats, you can visit this legendary temple once in your life.




5. Baba Mandir, Sikkim:

Baba mandir or Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple is dedicated to a legend in the Indian Army named Harbhajan Singh. This temple is located at an altitude of 12,123ft above sea level, between Jeepla and Nathula pass. Harbhajan Singh was a part of the Punjab Regiment as Sentry. It is said that Harbhajan Singh disappeared without any trace in October 1968. People have contemplated many stories and theories regarding the strange disappearance of Harbhajan Singh. But the more strange thing is people believe that Harbhajan Singh is still serving India as an army. Soldiers still believe that Harbhajan Singh visits the army camp every night to be a part of the patrolling force. His polished shoes become dirty, His neat and clean camp bed sheet becomes crumpled in the morning. His family still receives a monthly salary too. Even Harbhajan Singh is promoted to honorary captain even after his death. Every army truck passing through the temple has stopped and prays for their homage. This temple also contains Harbhajan Singh’s shoes, bed, and uniform.  So if you want to feel the dedication of the Indian Army to the nation, you must visit this place.




6. Saheeb Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara, Punjab:

Did you ever imagine that devotees come to gurudwara with a toy plane? Here in Saheeb Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara in Jalandhar devotees offer toy planes to fulfill their wishes of settling abroad.  Mesmerizing right? This 150-year-old temple is situated in Talhan village of Punjab. This temple is popularly known as ‘ Hawaijahaj Gurudwara’. This Gurudwara is also considered as a ticket to the US. So if you are facing a problem with your visa, you can try this place once. If you still don’t have any plans for abroad, just visit this place to grab an unusual experience.




7. Mahendipur  Balaji Temple, Rajasthan:

Do you believe in ghosts, demons, or evil spirits? If you consider ghosts fascinating then you must visit this place at least once. This temple is situated in a small village in Rajasthan named Dausa, where thousands of devotees turn up to get rid of evil spirits. Devotees here offer penance in extreme ways like pouring boiling water on possessed ones, hanging from the ceiling, chaining themselves to walls, or banging their heads against the walls. It is said that these offerings will help them to get rid of all evil things. This is one of the most mysterious temples in India. Balaji temple is probably the only place in India where exorcisms by priests are still carried out. No prasad is offered at the temple. Locals said that once you leave the temple, you must not turn back, evil spirits might take that as an invitation to inhabit your body.




So, which one do you want to try first? Or did you try any of these temples? If not then include at least one of them for your upcoming tour list. You will definitely experience a completely different kind of experience by visiting these temples.