Perfume is a product that can add a fragrance and is not just a basic but can also be a luxury. A good perfume doesn’t just have a impactful fragrance also it can serve as an extension to your personality. Perfume is a quite luxurious item and women are very pretty much choosy and can be obsessed about perfumes. Many of us use luxurious and classy perfumes.

But do you have any idea about the maximum price of a classy perfume? Have you ever tried or want to try one of the costliest perfumes in the world?

Here is the list of the 10 most expensive perfumes in the world-


DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar perfume:
Price: $1 million

This is the most expensive perfume in the world. Sounds pretty astonishing right? But this is true. This perfume can attract any woman with its amazing smell and the luxurious design of the bottle as well. Famous designer DKNY creates this most expensive perfume in collaboration with Martin Katz, the renowned jewelry designer. This fragrance bottle is not just a product but a depiction of a work of art.
The bottle consists of 2909 precious stones which consist:
• 183 yellow sapphires
• 2700 white diamonds
• 15 striking pink Australian diamond
• 4 rose-cut diamonds
• One 1.6 carat turquoise Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil
• A 7.18-carat oval Cabochon sapphire from Sri Lanka
• A 3.07-carat oval-cut ruby
• A 4.03-carat pear shaped rose-cut diamond
• A 2.43-carat flawless yellow diamond

Each of the stones has been hand placed which mimics the New York city skyline. DKNY Golden Delicious embraces a radiant modern spirit in contrast with the glistening product and delicious heat. The top is a refreshing medley of Orange Flower Water, sparkling Mirabelle, and a signature of delicious apple. The heat was introduced by white roses, Casablanca lily, and Vanilla orchids. The finish line was spiced up by the freshness of a sensual blend of Musk, Sandalwood, and Teakwood.

Clive Christian No.1 Imperial Majesty Perfume
Price: 12,721.89 USD per ounce

This is not only costly but also fancy and fashionable. The second costliest perfume was created by Clive Christian. In 2006 Clive Christian decided that he would offer 500ml of absolute perfume oil in the most exquisite bottle for his very special customers. The fragrance and the container both are designed by Clive Christian and grand old French rm of Baccarat. The whole creation is the absolute celebration of craftsmanship.

The bottle itself is a depiction of royalty. The collar of the bottle was made of 18-carat gold. The gold collar was also ornamented by a five-carat diamond. Only 10 pieces of the precious piece were made. Seven of them were immediately snapped by private collectors. The remaining three were traveling the world as a part of the Clive Christian special collection.

We all know that Clive Christian considers his No 1 Imperial Majesty to be the best and he calls it “the perfume of his heart”. The perfume contains the most concentrated form of fragrance oil and has an incomparable body, depth, and longevity. The heart of this perfume contains aromatic musk, warm clove, smooth vanilla, and spirited vetiver. Bright top notes of bergamot and zesty Sicilian mandarin balanced perfectly with soothing ylang-ylang and sweet and honeyed neroli.

Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes:
Price: $6800 per ounce

This perfume is known for its impeccable quality Crystal. Baccarat offers the third most expensive women perfume in the world. This perfume is one of the limited-edition fragrances of Baccarat.
The shape of the container was inspired by Egyptian pyramids. The fragrance features frankincense and myrrh and furnishes a Middle eastern scent.


Caron’s Poivre:
Price: $2,150 per ounce

This perfume was created with very special and rare ingredients. To mark the 50th year of creating fragrances, Caron has designed the perfume named, Poivre. This is one of the most unique perfumes in the market even in 2021. Caron Poivre features a spicy peppery scent with a hint of floral heart along with a base of sandalwood


Chanel Grand Extrait:
Price: 4200 USD per ounce

This perfume has an abstract fragrance that unfolds like a bouquet of abstract flowers. The fragrance itself has an essence of femininity. The perfume contains Neroli from Grasse blend along with two exceptional raw materials – May Rose and Jasmine from Grasse. Aldehydes provide airy freshness and lend an abstract effect to the fragrance.

The glass bottle has the shape of the monumental diamond and is sealed by the art of baudruchage (covering the neck of the bottle with a fine membrane which is held in place by a strand of white pearl- cotton thread and sealed with a black wax stamp). The delicate perfume is enclosed in an artisan-crafted cease.

Hermes 24 Faubourg:
Price: 1500 USD per ounce

This perfume is considered as one of the costliest perfumes because only 1000 bottles of it were created. This is a floral fragrance for women launched back in 1995. The perfume was created by Maurice Roucel. This fragrance is timeless and has a contemporary touch to it. It features a unique fragrance and is a combination of a number of scents. The odor has a hint of orange blossom, jasmine, Tiare flower, patchouli, ylang-ylang, ambergris, sandalwood, and iris.

Joy By Jean Patou:
Price: 850 USD per ounce

Joy is a feminine perfume by Jean Patou. This exotic perfume was launched in 1930. The bottle of the perfume was designed by Louis Sue. The fragrance was designed by Henri Almeras. This scent is a timeless masterpiece of simplicity. The fragrance contains components like Calabrian bergamot, Bulgarian rose oil, tuberose, leafy green note, French jasmine, orchid orris, Mysore sandalwood, etc. The one bottle of fragrance required 10,600 jasmines and 28 dozen May roses. During two short weeks, several kilos of blossoms are harvested in Jean Patou’s flower fields in Grasse.


Jar Bolt of Lightning
Price: 765 USD per ounce

The oriental floral fragrance of Jar Bolt of Lightning features a mix of oriental flowers. This perfume was launched back in 2001. This perfume is considered one of the most expensive and popular perfumes in the world. The fragrance features tuberose and green notes. The bottle contains the perfume is elegant and designed with perfection.


Annick Goutal Eau D’Hadrien:
Price $ 441.18 per ounce

This perfume was launched in 1981 created by Annick Goutal and Francis Camail. This perfume delivers a mild citrus fragrance. The citrus fragrance consists of a cocktail of lemon and bright citrus sparkle in the shade of cypress wood. Ylang ylang and basil are also a part of this exotic fragrance. This perfume also won the FiFi Award Hall Of Fame 008 as a winner. The bottle that contains the unique perfume reminds one of the citrus fruits as well.

Dior Miss Dior Rose N’Roses:
Price- $114.23

This perfume of Dior marks the newest addition to the beloved Miss Dior Collection, offering a brighter reinterpretation of the classic fragrance but remains the true essence of originality. At the heart of the new Dior fragrance lies a blend of Grasses and Damascus rose, which imbues with its lovely floral scent. The refreshing fragrance is also accompanied by a touch of mandarin, bergamot, and white musk.

So, all the perfume lovers out there, do you think if you can afford you would want to indulge in owning any of these ?